My Angel

Everything is so mixed up
I'm so confused
I don't know who I am anymore.
But this little light in the pitch black
Shines ever on
My guide
My guardian
My angel in the midst of hell
She's saving me
Sacrificing herself
I'm killing her
If only I could b her light
But I'm not that strong.
Her suffering far surpasses anything I know
Anything I ever will
For what do I know of pain?
.what do I know of suffering?
How could I know?
My angel is trapped in her own hell
Far worse than mine
For I'm in heaven with my angel
My angel who knows
She is wise beyond her years
Wiser than anyone I know
How is it that I
Who knows nothing
Can possibly have this highest honor
Of an angel
A guardian
A guide
My angel
My best friend