Angel's Abyss

The Angel falls
Traces of tears on her face
Blood stains on her broken wings
Her halo shattered by deception
Crawling beneath the smoke
Fires blaze around her
Enclosing her in her self-inflicted prison
And she rises
Staring into the inferno
She slowly ascends
Her broken wings learning to fly
Her shattered hopes rebuilt
She sings of light and peace
Watching the war below
The incandescence of it blinding
As she watches
More Angels rise to the light
More Angels fall
And Demons emerge from shadow
Preying on the helpless
The Angel observing this
Sees a certain Little Angel start to fall
Just before she falls to flames
The Angel catches her
And brings her up to the divine brilliance
The Little One cries to the Angel
And she comforts the Child
The Angel falls again
Traces of blood on her face
Tear drops on her mended wings
Her halo twisted with broken trust
Dieing beneath the smoke
Fires blaze within her
Unveiling to her this beautiful abyss
And she smiles