The world is ending,
While humanity is bending.
What strikes fear in mortal's hearts?
It's always when the fire starts.

Fire burns across open flesh,
Creating more than a visible mesh.
Burning scars permeate the once smooth surface,
Breaking apart the once clean purpose.

The fear breaks humanity
Scraping off the few bits of sanity.
The fear controls them now,
Making more than a stench foul.

What has the world come to?
Making the weak cry; boo hoo.
Why must the weak be broken?
Why are no words spoken?

The truth is that the world us unfair,
Leaving us to find solace in a lair.
But there is no peace for people like me;
We are left with no choice but to flee.

But where to flee?
Even the world would give a chance to a bee.
The peace is interrupted,
The sweet lair becomes corrupted.

What to do now?
What next will we allow?
It's their fault they've killed their home,
Causing them to desperately roam.

But we are weak,
Our future now looks bleak.
We are pushed away from our home,
Giving us our own chance to roam.

So here we are, wanderers at heart,
Without a place to start.
Our hearts wander, seeking a place to rest;
Continuously, we wander to the open west.