"I just don't know!" 2-year-old Kate yelled at her older sister Piper.
"Yes you do you told me a few minutes ago," Piper encouraged her younger sister. Piper was teaching Kate her colors while mom tried to sneak out behind them. Piper's dad died one and a half years ago soon after Kate was born. As a result, Her mom had to work two jobs, but if little Kate saw her mom leaving, she would cry the whole 5 hours til her mothers return. "Come on, You know it!" With her sisters encouraging words Kate shut her eyes and thought hard while her mother snuck out the door. By the time Kate reopened her eyes and proudly declared "YELLOW!" Her mother had already driven off.
"Good Job!" Piper said, as she messed with Kate's Blond curls. "You can go play your game now."
"YAY!!" the little girl yelled as she charged down the stairs to the basement. Piper followed along behind her, fixing her ponytail and picking up her Pack back as she went.


This was just a little intro to get this started, More to come Very Soon! ~Bekah~