"Piper?" Kate asked
"Yes, Kate" Piper wonder what her sister wanted to know.
"Where's Mommy?"
'Oh know! What do I say' Piper thought quickly she thought she'd try her luck, "She had to go to work sweetie."
"Oh.So Sarai can't come over?"
"Now I never said that! You go call her right now." Sarai was Jamy's little sister. Kate and Sarai have been friends since they were born. " And ask if Jamy can come over to."
Jamy and Sarai got there a few minutes later. Jamy and I head up to my room yelling behind us to the two little girls to behave.
"Piper, There's something I really need to tell you."
"Yea." Piper wasn't too worried about Jamy's extremely serious mood. Everything to Jamy was big news.Even If it was the fact she went on a walk this morning.
"Well.ummm.I'm kinda."
" Kinda. what?"
"What!?! With who.Cole.right. I knew that..Jamy What in the Fuck were you thinking!?!?!?!?!? " Well.we ARE in love.he said that was the only way to make it offical!!" "IF HE SAID THAT TO YOU THEN YOUR NOT IN FUCKIN' LOVE JAMY!!!!" "HOW WOULD YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WEREN'T THERE PIPER!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT HE'S LIKE WITH ME!!!!!! YOU DON'T GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "HOW COULD I JAMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DON'T TELL ME ANTHING ANY MORE!!!! I'LL BE DAMNED IF YOU LET ME KNOW ANYTHING GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE!!!" "MAYBE I SHOULDN'T TELL YOU ANYTHING! GO TO HELL, BITCH!!!!!" With that Jamy stormed out of the house scooping up Sarai with her. " Did you Have a fight with Jamy?" Kate asked innocently "Yea, Kate," Piper frowned, " We did"

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