I was sitting in math class bored as hell when, suddenly, inspiration hit.
Don't ask.

(Dialogue form)

Can You See?
There was a boy who was unprepared,
You see.
As unprepared as one could be.
He asked for a pen
He asked it of me
"May I please borrow a pen from thee?"
" Of all the people here, why do you ask that of me?"
" Because, as I can see, you have enough pens for you and me."
" Is that what you see when you look at me? You don't see a girl who's
longing for thee?"
" Longing for me?"
" Longing for thee. I've liked you for so long, how could you not see?"
" You never let these things known to me, but how could you not see...?"
" I could not see?"
" That I too have feelings for thee."

I like this poem. It was fun to write. I might even do a part two. Maybe
I'll make turn it into a saga showing the ups and downs of their
relationship. Yea, I think I'll do that.

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