3 a.m.

It's late or early, I can't tell which one
We're not on some secret island with a picturesque sun
The palm tree buildings; strolling holding your arm on these concrete
Freedom building and living as far as the philosophy to be me reaches
I still remember it was those golden eyes I got lost in
Smokey sewers on those December frozen cold nights in Boston
Hand in hand with no plan but body warmth on dark streets
Time fades from my mind why did you decide to split me apart at Park Street
Our shadows like shallow words hollow; is time to blame for all of our
And if Apollo brings tomorrow I vow never let anyone else to pill my heart
and swallow
From downtown to Lansdowne the evanescence of your essence
You presence once luminescent grew into the only thing that impeded my
The acquiescence of your gentle lips set my soul on fire artist/arsonist
In the midst of happiness your betrayal a catharsis in the darkened mist
See the vitality in my veins? The hurt you left me with brought me clarity
And in reality I'll never be the same; this do or die mentality haunts me
with sincerity
In deepest of moments where I don't know where I'm going
I'm traveling unworn paths in the city that's never slowing
I think back not wanting escape despite the price I paid for elegant
I don't feel the same heartbreak my heart used to partake and your face has
lost its relevance
We both know mishaps happen the knife in my back was like somebody slapped
I was angry for a while but life's to short to hold back; I just want you
to be happy
She fades in the past; you shine now as mine through and through
Was it fate that brought me to you? Every time I talk to you we share
something new
With you every minute I'm so in it, this golden woven knit of your love and
trust shines infinite
In a bit we'll have fallen deeper intimate; you're holding my stolen past
so innocent
Like city converges with the sea you arms emerge freely right in front of
Finally free, it seems we all just need that hurt to make us again breath
and believe