Life or Death?
26 November 2003
Do you fear life?
I would.
Constantly changing,
It's quite unpredictable.
You never know
What people are going to do.
You never know
What's going to piss someone off
And how they're going to react.
Life is not constant,
It follows no pattern,
There's no rhythm to Life.
Do you fear death?
I don't.
Death is the opposite of life,
That much is true,
Beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Death, while unpredictable, doesn't change.
It's a constant.
You're born; you die. That's it.
Everyone knows it's coming,
They just don't know when.
That's what does them in - the suspense.
A normal human mind
Can't wrap around the concept of death.
The fact that it's one thing we have no control over.
We can control the things that happen in our lives,
To a degree.
Y'can't control your death.
Sure, you can cause your own death,
But then are you really in control?
Think about it.
Do you fear life? Or do you fear death?
Is there a life after death?
After all, death is a daily part of life.
Wouldn't it follow, then, that life is a daily part of death?
Think about it.