"The beautiful boy"
by Kevin Strife

I felt so low, I felt so weak,
Never thought I could make it
To another day,
I wished I could fly away, just go...
But then... I met you...

Came in the magic,
Came in the joy,
Came in the splendour,
Came in the beauty,
Came in a beautiful boy,
Who saved my life...

You gave me strength, you gave me hope,
You showed me another way,
You took my hand in yours and told me it's gonna be okay,
You made me believe, you gave me faith,
In this world where I thought death was the only escape,
You came from above and turned my life upside down,
I was 17,
You were 12...

Came in the magic,
Which brought sparkles to my world,
Came in the joy,
Which made me smile,
Came in the splendour,
Which made me awe,
Came in the beauty,
Which left me breathless,
Came in a beautiful boy,
Who saved my life...

What a fool I was to think,
Forever it's gonna last,
You made me feel special,
Should've known,
Wasn't meant for me,
Life broke us apart,
Can't see your smile anymore...
How I'm hurt...
If only you knew...
How lost I am without you...

Away went the magic,
No more sparkles in my world,
Away went the joy,
Her sister sadness took her place,
Away went the splendour,
Everything is spoiled...
Away went the beauty,
My eyes are hurt...
Away went the beautiful boy...
Who made me hope, made me believe,
Away went the beautiful boy...
Who could have made my life...
A jewel...

Authors Note: This is not really a poem, but more like thoughts and feelings. This means a lot to me because it's inspired by my real life. I really met someone who saved my life. He is the first boy I loved. I still love him so much. We were never boyfriends or whatever, we were just best friends. But he meant so much to me... He never knew how much... Now I can't tell him. Please, tell me what you think... Thanks!