Midsummer Rain

We stand together beneath the stars
Talking about everything but nothing at all.

An unspoken passion waits on my lips,
Praying to land on yours.
Like magic our hands find each other,
and our fingers intertwine.

We walk together down the shoreline,
by our guardian angel, the sea.
Its cool, beautiful, midnight depths,
Reflect the feelings in my heart.

The sands of time have slipped by,
And even as this night comes to an end,
This dream never will.

Our bodies have released each other's hand,
But our souls' hands remain locked together,
And as we stand in silence,
They whisper our secrets and confessions to each other.

A gentle midsummer rain
Falls from the sky
Shimmering on our skin.

As our eyes close and our faces move closer,
The night spreads her wings around us,
And makes a promise to carry us through.