Lying here I can feel your soft breath on my face
As I lie encircled by your arms
Your scent hangs heavy and sexy on the moonlit air
As your chest rises and falls beneath my head
Your sensuous rich aroma fills my nostrils
Provoking my senses, arousing me
I'm safe in your arms tonight
Your princess, your lady, your lover
No harm can come of me while you are near.
My prince, my lord, my protector
My heart beats in time to yours
As we gaze happily at the star filled sky
The full moon illuminating us, making this moment all the more special
A single red rose hangs loose in my grip
For I am lost in your love for now
Lightly and tenderly you kiss my forehead
Your lips like velvet against my skin
Gently I turn my face until my lips find yours
You murmur intoxicating words in my ear as you trace my neckline
Kissing gently and sensuously as you caress my body, my every curve
I am giddy with happiness, drunk with your scent
Lost in my love for you.
Once more our lips meet
Such passion, such love, such sweet love
Your arms embrace me, I'm forever in your arms
Wishing this moment would never end
I'm safe in your embrace
Your lady, your lover, my knight.