"The Piano"

I begin to play
The world starts to disappear
As the music grows

My soul spills over
Pouring into the music
It becomes intense

Nothing else exists
Just the piano and me
And music, so sweet

I'm on a journey
Through thoughts and into my dreams
Music fills my mind

My heart is soaring
Out among the midnight stars
Free of any care

How long and how loud
Of this I am never sure
I just keep playing

Finally the end
The last notes fade away, the
Intensity gone

Just the piano
And the beating of my heart
As the world returns

Author's Note: I love the piano. I could play for hours without knowing it. I wanted to try to explain how I feel when I am playing the piano, and I hope it worked. To me it makes perfect sense but to you non-musicians it might seem completely confusing. This was just a very emotional piece for me to write, and I put a lot of thought into it before I let my pencil touch paper. I hope you all enjoyed it. Reviews are very much appreciated.