Wisdom's Curse
You entered this world
Raising your arms to the sky
Perhaps to catch the clouds
That slowly, drifted by
All throughout your childhood
You were so spirited, so young
Mother Nature was your friend
In a place birds cheerfully sung
But as you grew up
Your point of view changed
Things could never,
Ever be the same.
Parasites latched
Onto your skin
You went from three foot two
To twenty feet even
You grew tired
Your arms now hang low
Stress is evident
Wrinkles formed to show
You now shadow yourself away
From those clouds you used to reach for
In fear lightning may strike
Hiding in horror
Feeling desolate
Looking in dismay
Wondering why Mother Nature
Betrayed you this way.

In your struggle
Of revenge and hatred
There was a great deal of knowledge
You accumulated
To live you adapted
Strengthening your roots
To the extent
Of the environment it suits
Gaining many tricks of the trade
From you harsh experience
The only thing you lost
Was your innocence
Never would you not have a care
Nor always feel free
Behold, the life
Of one of many trees.