Find the Antidote

Trapped in the memory
You can't escape
Wondering if everything is your mistake

Thrashing in the darkness
You can't get out
You see the light
Makes you wanna shout out in fear
Everything you ever held so dear
Is just memory
Its gone and
So are you
And you come to realize
That all this is true

The silence holds you hostage
Wringing your throat
You wanna just let loose and scream
Wonder what will happen if you don't
But you know you can't
You're held too tight
You don't have that much strength
You see the light
Makes you wanna scream
You know everything is not all right
But, kid, what can you do?
Everything you have ever known
Was never true
The truth was always a secret
Never pure
But black
And you know that the truth
Was not worthy of being heard
And what you got left was
The crap

Contemplating everything that went wrong
In the memory
The emotions so strong
The hate, the anger, the ignorance
Made them stay away
You kept the distance
But the animosity
That was so strong
Helped you realize what was wrong
Where was the love?
Was there any left
Or was it all gone
Leading to another death

Of the youth of the nation
Empty promises
Made to try to help them
How can you intercept
Something you don't understand
Why do the old say
Take the pain like a man
Are they trying to say
That today's kids are weak?

That they're perhaps scared
Of every person they may meet?
Adults say it like a bad thing
Maybe its true
That the youth of the nation
Are scared of you
Or maybe they don't understand
The way you are
Maybe they don't get
That ignorance is what has made you go this far
Clutching the knife
And the steel kisses your skin
The days the weeks
The months of counting
All the shit you got
Made you open a wound that will never mend

They never thought you would take them seriously
They never thought about all the things said mistakenly
They never foresaw what you foreshadowed to do
Its only now that they realize that it meant the end of you