I sighed as Sum 41 loudly boomed in my ears and watched the passing sites. I was in New York City, I should have been excited and over joyed. I should have been jumping up and down in joy. But No I wasn't, I was trying my best to keep tears from pouring over and keep a hard look on my face. I couldn't show any sign of weakness or they'd eat me alive.

Two Weeks Ago

I skimmed over the mail hopping to see a letter from my brother. My eyes caught sight of the one I wanted and I quickly scooped it up and then saw another letter that caught my eye. I frowned slightly as I picked up the letter and looked at the front.

"Looks like an invitations to one of those snobby schools." I didn't even have to look over to see that my other brother, Sage, was looking at the same thing I was. That's when my eyes saw those horrible letters Too the parents of Camryn Ice.

"No…" I mumbled as I put my brothers letter in my pocket of my hoodie and quickly opened the letter. I am Camryn Ice and there was no way in the seven hells I was going to go to some snobby school. "NO!" I shouted.

Present Time

Here I am, heading to my certain doom. Sage had been was being sent away too but I have a feeling he's going to run away some where. I on the other hand, didn't have enough time to plan a great escape. My uncle and aunt, who I used to live with, took Sage, Talon my older brother that is in college, and me in when my parents died. The thing was, my parents were really rather rich, both of them.

My mother had this artistic ability, which she says that's where I got mine from, that she can take the ugliest thing and make it wonderful on paper. My father on the other hand, was this famous lawyer who has never lost a case, well actually I correct that. My father has lost cases before but he keeps going at them and finding hidden things that no one else would find and always ends up winning.

So when they died, two years ago, we were sent off to our only relatives. They are greedy people who have managed to live off my mother and father their whole lives and are now trying to live off my brothers and I. But their little plan back fired since Talon was 17 back then, he only had to survive one more year then he got control over all the money. Though since he's only 19 now he cant take Sage and I in until he is 21.

"Miss we are here." I blinked out of my thoughts as I looked at my driver who had the door opened for me. I smiled kindly at the old man and got out of the limo. I looked up at the huge building that was now going to be my home, my school and my doom.

"Thank you-" I was cut off before I could properly thank the kind man when a short tubby lady walked up to us with a guy in a suit behind her. I looked at her and instantly hated her. She was on of those stuck up people who had lots of money and always had her chin tilted up like she was better then everyone.

"Take her stuff Jeffery, don't be so lazy!" The guy behind her scrambled to the back of the limo as I suddenly felt my heart drop. I remembered when I had my first job I had people like her yelling at me all day. My mother and father, to keep us kids from being spoiled rotten made us get summer jobs. The guy looked older then me but only by a couple years, maybe putting him at 16.

I glanced at the lady as she looked me over with a disgusted look in her eyes. Her tongue clucked in an annoying way as I contained myself from glaring. Now I hated her even more! How can someone be so cold and mean? She reminded me too much of my aunt.

"Jeffery will show you around." She said without even consoling the guy who's name is Jeffery as she walked off. "Kids who get here on scholar ships, I hate the little brats." She mumbled as I clenched my fist and did the only thing I could think of at the time. I stuck my tongue out at her back.

"Excuse me?" I turned around to see the guy, Jeffery, holding all my luggage. I frowned suddenly and moved closer to him and put out my arms. He looked a bit confused as I grabbed some of my luggage.

"Let's go, Jeffery is it?" I asked as I waved the man who had driven me here. Jeffery slowly nodded and I followed him into the huge school. "This place is bigger then three of my old schools put together!" I said in amazement. I spun around looking up at the glass ceiling. Jeffery looked at me, shook his head while smiling and turned back around. "Did I do something?" I asked confusedly.

"You don't act like those snobby rich kids that go here, so you must be on a scholar ship. Prepared to do a lot of work." He said warningly as I started to walk beside him. I looked up at him. He stood about 5'9, messy brown hair and brown eyes. This guy was pretty cute.

"No, actually I'm here because of my aunt and uncle. They just want a go at my mother and fathers money without me and my brother guarding it." I said simple with a shrug. That's when something caught my eye. I slowly moved over to a wall were there was a graffiti done on it and let me tell you, it was so cool.

"Like it?" I nodded as I ran my fingers over it. "It was done by this girl, nobody really knows her name but she went by a fake title called-"

"Eternal Fire." I said, cutting him off. He looked a bit surprised as I stepped back. It was of a burning rose with wind and water blowing around it. I would know her art work anywhere, her style was so unique and only I, not trying to self absorbed or anything, could come anything close to it. It was because she taught me how.

"Yeah but this is when she was only 14, so says the rumors." I turned to him slightly. "She's a great artist, I would give anything to get just a few pointers from her." I smiled sadly, knowing that what I had to say next would crush his dreams.

"Eternal Fire, is no longer here…" I said simple then shook my head before he could say something else. "Meaning, she's not alive anymore… she was my mother." I said as his facial expressions softened. I smiled. "Show me to my room, please?" I asked as he nodded and we began to walk in silence.

I guess I had been lost in my thoughts for a while because soon we were at my room or the room I shared with someone. I opened the door with my key and stepped inside, Jeffery close behind me with my luggage. I glanced around the rather large room as I saw three guys and two girls sitting on one of the king sized bed. I noticed, from the corner of my eye, that Jeffery suddenly put his head down.

"Well well if it isn't our new roommate." A girl said in a snobbish voice as I tried my best to contain my shutter. I nodded slowly and walked over to the bed that had my name on the head board. Oh how quaint. All of my other stuff was already in here with boxes. Jeffery put my other stuff down at the end of my bed, turned quickly and almost jogged out of my room.

"Word of advice, don't hang around low lives like that guy." The second girl said as they all laughed. I turned slightly, crossing my arms over my chest a small annoyed smile playing on my lips.

"Well he's about ten times better then you snobs so shut your traps and go have your mommy or daddy buy you some good comebacks." I said, knowing that this room arrangement wasn't going to work out at all. So I didn't even bother unpacking my stuff. Just laid down on my bed, put my head phones on and started to look at a SNOWBOARDING magazine to entertain me.

Couple Hours Later

"Well this is quite interesting, we've never had anyone be moved out of a room THIS fast." The head master said with laughter in his voice. Now this guy, I liked. He looked in his mid sixties, gray hair and light eyes.

"I'm sorry sir but those pric- people in that room were snobs and I couldn't deal with them…" I said, biting my bottom lip as he nodded slightly looking as if he understood. He shuffled through some papers and ran a crinkled hand threw his hair.

"Well Miss Ice, lets see… we do have another room left but-" I cut him off, knowing that it was rude but I rather be in any room but the room I am in now. I mean, I hate snobs! I've always hated them probably since my uncle and aunt are big ones.

"I'll take it! I don't care what's wrong with it, I'll take it!" I said happily, jumping out of my seat then remembering I was talking to the head master so I quickly sat back down. "I mean, if that's ok with you… head master." I said as he nodded and handed me some papers then dismissed me.

I walked out of the office and looked down at the little sheet of papers. My stuff would be moved in later so I just better go check out the room. Though now I was wondering what that but was about… is this room with some snobs too? I sighed and shook my head at the same time, I always thought of the negatives. Do as Sage says and think of the positives. Well… I could be rooming with a really cute guy! Ya, that's defiantly a positive.

I glanced at the numbers on the doors till I found mine. I took a deep breath and knocked lightly on it, hoping that no one was there so I could just walk in, look around and then leave to wander around the school for a bit. But of course, faith decides to be cruel to me and makes some muffled voice say 'its opened!' from inside. I take another deep breath and open the door.

My eyes searched out and met brown ones. I smiled in relieve now glad that faith was deciding to be nice for once to me. A smile crept over his features as he crossed his arms over his chest and looks me up and down.

"So, your our new roommate?" Jeffery said as I nodded happily. I looked at the people around him. Three guys and one girl. The girl looked back and forth from Jeffery and I then sent me some of the nastiest looks ever. Uh-oh, must be the girlfriend.

"Yep…" By the look on his face I could see that he was having a hard time with my name. I almost laughed because I never gave him my name. "Camryn Ice, nice to meet y'all." I said to them all.

"These are your new roommates, Tory Adams-" I looked at the girl. She was actually really pretty, shoulder length dark blonde hair and hard brown eyes with a clear completion. She practically hung on Jeffery, giving me that 'he's mine' look as I shot her a 'fine with me' look back. "That's Surus Fang." He thumbed to a guy with a shaved head but looked like he had done it a week or two ago because hair was starting to grow but he had cold green eyes that said to me that he had grown up too fast. "The big guy there is Forrest Blare." The guy was truly big. He was built like a quarter back. He had light brown hair that was put up into those tiny spikes and warm honey colored eyes. "Last but not least is Angel Easton." Now Angel is what you would call a looker. He had dark chocolate brown hair, big light green eyes and a smile that literally lit up the room.

"You all sleep in here?" I asked not really noticing till now that this room was bigger then the other one. Jeffery nodded and looked around then pointed to a bed. I sat down on it and was glad, it was really comfy.

"There used to be one more girl but Tori scared her off." Forrest said as Tory sent him death looks. I laughed at that but then stiffened it at the looks I was being sent by her. Man, the girl really needed to chill out. I hadn't even done anything to her to get her mad… yet.

"And there's another roommate but he is…" Jeffery scratched the back of his neck looking as if he couldn't find the words to explain the last guy. I upraised an eye brow at him to continue. "Well, he's not exactly nice." I almost laughed and pointed out Tory wasn't exactly "nice" either but held my tongue.

"So what's your story? Why are you here? Why are you in this room? Why'd you'd you get transferred?" Tory said, blasting question after question at me as I sort them out in my head and waited for her to take a breathier so I could answer.

"My uncle and aunt hate me, want me dead so they are sending me here hoping that I would bribe them with money, and lots of it, to take me back. The people I shared a room with didn't like me too much because of something I said." I said, another her four questions in two shorts answers.

"What'd they do to make you say something bad to them?" Angel asked curiously as I glanced at Jeffery then back into Angel's bright green eyes. A girl could really get lost in his eyes, especially since now that I actually looked I could see hints of gold in them.

"They said something about not hanging around…" I searched for words and Jeffery just smiled, probably knowing that it was about him. "People like Jeffery and so I told them to shut their traps and have their mommy and daddy buy them some good comebacks… a couple hours later I was in the head masters office getting a new room." I said, quite pleased with myself.

Two Days Later

School here wasn't all that bad, I mean there was a lot of snobs here but there was also a lot of not so snobby people here. I couldn't sleep well at nights and tried not to move too much, I didn't want any of them to know I was an insomniac along with anorexic, depressive and a cuter. None of them knew any of those things about me and I wanted to keep it that way.

Tory had toned down a bit but she still guarded Jeff like a pit bull. I learned quickly that they were going out and Tory was really sweet when she wanted to be but when it came to Jeff her offense and defense were high up there. I mean, what girl wouldn't be with a guy like Jeff?! He's incredible handsome, smart, funny, great smile and has his own artistic abilities.

I glanced at the clock and only two more hours till it rang. I had also learned who the last roommate was. He came in late and left an hour earlier then everyone. It wasn't that he was snobbish, he wasn't, he just kept to himself. He only hung out around two other guys and those two guys weren't very social able either.

I glanced over to his bed, which was to the left of mine in the corner. That's when I noticed he was awake too. My throat became dry as I tried to remain completely calm but I had to some how wipe the tears that were fallen rapidly down my cheeks. I glanced over again to see if he was paying attention as our eyes connected.

He slowly reached out and wiped away my tears. A small smile played on his face and I had to smile back. His smile was one of those ones that anyone rarely saw but when you did you felt privileged and just had to smile back. He with drew his hand and we looked into each others eyes for a few more minutes before he spoke to me for the first time.

"Get some sleep." He said in a whisper, his voice raspy sending shivers down my spine. I shook my head, too afraid to tell him why I couldn't sleep. "Need some help?" He asked and I nodded slowly, not really sure what he meant. He slowly got out of his bed, being as quiet as a lion ready to pounce on their par, then he slipped into my covers and brought his arms around me. I leaned against him, not knowing the reasons for my actions just knowing that he felt warm and I hadn't felt warmth like this in a long time.

So slowly my eyes drifted close as I heard him softly humming in my ear. This was so sweet yet so unreal. My eyes snapped open as the cold surrounded me once again and I looked over. It had been a dream, one sweet dreams. He was asleep though, laying on his side facing me looking like a sleeping puppy. Meaning, he looked adorable.

I smiled sadly to myself then began to hum quietly the soft tone I had dreamed that he hummed to me as tears slipped their way down my cheeks. That dream should have been sweet release but instead it was like torture. Knowing now more then ever that I was meant to be alone and there would be no warmth beside me. Ever.

About two hours later he woke up. Him being Keith Raydon. He was tall, well tall to me, he stood about 6 foot and was 15, the same age as I. He had jet black hair that usually was styled in that 'I just got out of bed and I don't really care' look that seemed to be the "in" thing now but the truth was, all he did was run a brush through it and that's about it. He put on the uniform, which was like the ones you would imagine. Navy blue pants, navy blue over coat, navy blue vest and a white shirt under it with black shoes, oh and that ridiculous navy blue tie that had white diagonal strips. Girls had the wear the same thing, except the pants were skirts.

I watched him quietly pick up his stuff and walk out of the room, only turning around once to see if he missed anything. Our eyes met for a split second before he turned around and walked out of the room, closing the door silently behind him.

I sighed as I watched the clock once more, waiting for it to ring so I could quit this fake sleeping and get on with my day. I loved the night, it was so calming and I really didn't see how people could sleep through it. That and if I did sleep I'm afraid I'll have dreams like the one before, dreams of when my mother and father were around… dreams that would make me itch for something sharp.

Not soon enough the alarm clock started beeping. I rolled over, trying to act as if I was tired, and pounded it off as I heard moans from everyone. I sat up a bit too quickly as I got a head rush. I shook it off and looked around the room. Everyone was slowly getting up, all but Angel. I had found out early on that he was NOT a morning person and he was a heavy sleeper.

"How do we wake up Angel?" Tory asked, wiping the sleep out of her eyes. Tory now, was the only morning person among the group. She was cheerful as soon as she had a cup of coffee and Jeff by her side.

"Hey Cam, go over and whisper into his ear to wake up." Jeff said nonchantly as if it didn't really matter. I felt my cheeks heat up and I nodded furiously, making my head spin a bit. Jeff laughed at my embarrassment. "Well he's not gonna want any of us guys to do it and Tory would probably rip his ear off, so go ahead." Jeff pushed me off my bed as I clumsily stumbled over to Angels bed.

I used to do this for Sage and Talon. They were always sleeping right through everything and I used to have to get them up by whispering in their ears to get up. I call it the nice way to wake up. With someone whispering in your ear, softly getting taken out of your dream like state.

I bent over Angel, my knee's to his back as I bent slowly down to his ear and began to tell him to wake up. His eyes slowly opened in the most cutest way ever as he looked up at me in a sleepy way.

"No. Sleep." He said in a very childish way as a sly smile crept over his lips. He pulled me down and sort of rolled on top of me but did it in a gentle way so I didn't get hurt. I laughed and tried to push him off but couldn't. "No. Stay." He said, still in that childish way.

"But we gotta get to class." I said looking into his dozy green eyes. He pouted slightly, making him even look more childish and even more adorable. "Don't give me that look!" I said as I began to tickle him and he busted out into laughter. Ha! I have found his weakness, he is ticklish all over.


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