I sat in one of the cold hard plastic hospital chairs in the waiting room, my fingers twisting and untwisting together as I stared at one of the off white walls. I had done everything possible to get my mind off of Keith, Ricky, all the dead people I saw while the police officers had taken me out of the school and the sound of the guns firing as we left. The statistics kept running through my head.

1549 students. 24 dead. 11 in critical condition. 43 with minor wounds. That meant around 48 parents had to be told their kids were gone, never too see the light off life again. Which meant around 1000 grieving people and 24 separate funerals. Out of that 1000, 6500 would never get over the loss. 7 of the 11 people in critical condition have a 90 chance to live. Out of the four only two had a 50/50 chance to live.

The school would be temporally closed down. 1518 kids kicked out. Out of that over 60 of them have no place to live. So where would they go?

"Sweetie I think you should head home." The nurse said for the 10th time. She sounded frustrated this time.

"What home?" I asked in an emotionless voice. That school was my home. Now what is it? A place where 24 people were killed in cold blood murder.

One was Ricky, shot twice in the back while trying to run away to warn us. His eyes were still wide open, you could see the pain in them. The gun shots in the background as I was taken off to a police car where they drove me here. Where over 1000 kids were trying to either sleep, get home or just sitting there, dead to the world.

Keith was in critical condition.

90 chance of him dying in that hospital bed.

10 chance of him living to see another day.

60 chance of him, if he lived, dying in the next two years.

Statistics suck and if I never heard another one in my live, it would be too soon.

"Cam?" I looked up at Angel. His arms went around me as he pulled me into a tight hug.

So there I sat, cradled and sobbing in Angels arms.

1 of the 24 dead was his girlfriend. That meant I knew 2 of the 24 dead.

I placed the huge sun flower on top of Cassie's grave. Angel's dead girlfriend. I looked over at Angel who was standing tall, in his tight grip was 15 huge sun flowers. Cassie's favorite type of flower, Angel made sure everyone knew that fact. Tears streamed down his face but he made no sound.

"Come on Camryn…" I looked around at the people grieving over Cassie, blocking the statistics that were popping into my mind about how many would never get over her death. I turned around and walked away. A hand came and laced his fingers with mine.

"Do you think he'll get over it?" I asked, glancing back at Angel who was now on his knee's in front of the grave, placing the flowers on it.

"Not over it but he'll move on… just not anytime soon." I looked up into dark green eyes and sighed. We were walking on the side of the street, to where nobody knows. I felt the wind pick up as cars speed past. "Hey Cam?" I looked back up at green eyes.

"Yeah?" I asked, tilting my head to the side slightly.

"I love you." He said with a small nervous smile. I smiled back at him, mine wider then his own unsure one.

"Love you too Keith."

The End

Ya, this chapter was complete shit but this story was getting on my nerves… too dark for me sorry haha I started it when I was in my "the world hates me blah blah whine whine complain" stage and yeah, not anymore ) High school rocks D