She looks up at the moon
Wishing for answers that never seem to come
The pain hurts so badly.
What will she do?
As tears fill haunting blue eyes
A haunting past that changes everything
She hides her pain
All you see is a smile
One carefree girl
And you don't know
That she carries the world on her shoulders
As she wakes up, getting ready for the day
She practices her smiles in the mirror
They say she isn't good at acting
It's amazing at what one can hide
So she walks out the door
As smile on her face
How can she keep all this in
She acts as if nothing is wrong
When at night
You can hear her cry
How can she keep all this in
And as she walks out the door
With a smile on her face
Everyone is fooled

This is a really old poem, I just happened to find it the other day, while
I was looking for something. So if it sounds corny or has errors sorry!!
Well please REVIEW!! And until next time! C ya! Waves ^_^