Hiya! I'm hyper right now so if there is anything weird in this chapter, blame it on the sugar!!! This is my attempt at a normal fic (no magic, demons, or futuristic realities).

Liam Steele and Maia Wolfe would rather go to Hell than be partners with each other? What happens when they are forced to work together?


Maia Wolfe woke up gasping. Her shirt was drenched in sweat and her flame red curls were plastered to her face. Her dream was still clouding her eyes. The girl shook her head to banish her nightmares. Remember me, those two words were echoing in her head, making her want to scream. The dream had haunted her for years now and she could never shake it.

A knock at the door made her jump and broke her thoughts. She pushed her feet into a pair of fluffy blue slippers and stood up, muttering curses at whoever had woken her up. She opened her drawer, pushing away the piles of scattered paperwork and gadgets, to change out of her soaked pajamas. Maia wrinkled her nose at the only choice she had. The frilly pink nightgown that her grandmother had given her was the source of her disgust. More grumbling ensued as she was forced to put it on. Maia was not a morning person, and being woken up at-. She did a double take. It was 1: 30 in the morning! Whoever was on the other side of the door was going to have a trip to hell and back.

She yanked the door open, yelling, "You're going to get it Cory! How many times do I have to tell you not to wake me up before noon when I'm on vacation.?! You better start running little brat cause-." Maia's mouth snapped shut as she saw the man standing in front of her.

Graying brown hair, a face weathered with age, and large brown eyes stood in the doorway. He was wearing a navy blue suit and had the American flag pinned on to his stripped tie. "Morning Wolfe," Maia's commanding officer, Howard fielding greeted smoothly. Maia blushed. He looked down at her pink nightgown and smiled. "Nice outfit." She blushed an even deeper scarlet. The frills on her nightgown seemed even pinker and fluffier than normal.

"Sir I'm sorry for-."

"Wolfe, I already know well enough that you're not a t your best in the morning. Besides, I usually just call for a mission but I felt that you should hear this in person."

"Sir why are you here?" Maia looked down as she realized her blunder.

"Well, you've a new assignment. I know, I know; you just came from a mission but this is a big one and I need the best."

"I'm touched sir," Maia commented dryly. She sighed and rubbed her tired eyes. "Where am I going this time?"

"Be at headquarters in an hour and you'll be filled in there. Derrick will supply you with everything you need. Oh and dress in something you'd wear at a school." Maia grinned at what she took as a joke. Maia dressed rather maturely for her age.

He turned to leave but looked back at her. "I almost forgot, you'll be working with a partner."

Maia's eyes widened. "But I always fly solo." The few times she had worked with someone else had ended it had ended in disaster or a major migraine.

"This is a touchy assignment. You'll need the extra help. Besides, Derrick was the one to recommend you have a partner." Maia's eyes flashed in anger. She was about to protest when she realized the man was already gone.

Well if he wants a high school student then he'll just love what I'll be wearing, Maia thought evilly. She picked her way through the piles of wrinkled clothes and electronic gadgets. Maia made a mental not to iron them sometime soon. She looked back at the huge pile then scratched the thought. I'll just get James to do it. She opened up the closet she had reserved for the warmer days of Autumn. The girl wriggled into a tight black mini skirt and pulled on a bright red tube top. Nestled atop her head was a black French beret. A pair of very large, gold loop earrings was added to finish the ensemble. She bent down to zip up her black leather boots and yelled that she was leaving.

She figured that her whole family had been awakened by her shouting earlier and knew that they would hear her. Maia practically ran to the door to get out as quickly as possible, knowing it wouldn't be smart to let her dad see her.

A deep and clearly outraged voice stopped her in her tracks. "Maia!" The girl grimaced and slowly turned to see her father, his eyes popping out of his head and the vein at his temple looking in danger of bursting.

"Dad I-"

"Don't even try it Maia! Change immediately!" His face was as red as a tomato, an overly ripe one.

She refrained from rolling her eyes, a habit she had gotten into. "Daddy, the commander told me to wear this. Maia watched as his expression became uncertain. Anything having to do with the government made him surrender. Maia was well practiced at being able to play her father.

Some of the red color receded from his face. "Well if that's the case." Maia smiled inwardly. This was almost too easy. "But-" Maia's smile disappeared. Her father grabbed a black jacket that happened to have been bought with her skirt. Maia cursed James for knowing her every whim. "I will not allow you to go out without at least some amount of dignity." He placed the jacket on her shoulders as if she were 5 years old again.

"Dad!" She hated it when he acted like this. She was already 16 for crying out loud! "I can dress myself!" Her father stared straight at her, emerald eyes meeting, until she dropped her gaze. In the battle of the wildcats, as Cory like to call it, the man of the Wolfe house always won. She shrugged into the jacket, conceding defeat.

He surprised her by engulfing her in a hug. "I just don't want you to get hurt." Maia could tell the memory of the worry Arthur Wolfe had gone through because of her last assignment was still lingering. She nodded and he let her go.

Mrs. Wolfe came in, wearing a red apron the same brilliant shade of red as her hair. Her almond shaped brown eyes were kind and her smile was radiant. She was the perfection of the Italian woman and Maia had received some of that perfection. Although they could afford a chef, Mrs. Wolfe wouldn't stand by and let a stranger try to "poison" her family. Being the owner of a chain of prestigious restaurants led to a few eccentricities.

"Be careful." Her mother's brown eyes were soft and worried. Maia's mother was a naturally peaceful person and didn't like Maia putting herself in danger.

Maia smiled, "Sure."

Mrs. Wolfe returned it. "Go on before I regain my sanity and lock you up in your room to keep you away from the dangers of the world." Maia took that as a threat and raced out the door, jumping into her sleek red jag and starting the engine.


Coal black hair casually fell onto steely gray eyes that were as hard as stones. He wore dark jeans three sizes too large and a black button up shirt. The first few buttons were unbuttoned and his sleeves were rolled up to the elbows, giving him the look of casual elegance. He looked and acted like the typical bad boy, drawing females to him like flies to honey. His stormy gaze swept over all the buildings until it landed on a run down apartment with boarded up windows and crumbling walls. Liam Steele, contracted spy for the government, SI347954, 16 year old son of Mathias Steel, billionaire in the making, walked in to this building without a hint of a smile.

He stepped into the cool elevator, pushing the button for the 7th floor. When he reached the designated floor, he headed for the door at the end of the corridor, ignoring the admiring glances of the few females in his department. He brushed a few strands of his coal black hair out of his eyes and knocked on the door.

"Come in." The voice behind the door was harsh and emotionless. Liam opened the door and leaned against the door frame (Sexaaaay!!! *Composing myself* Sorry, on with the story!) "Liam a new mission has been assigned to you." He didn't even look up as he spoek, his attention completely on the computer in front of him.

"Where to?' Liam's voice was just as cold and professional.

"Florida. Miami, Florida. A very dangerous assignment. David McGrath will be flying you and your baseman will supply you with the information."

"Baseman!" Liam's voice held a hint of anger. He hadn't had a baseman since his first assignment.

"Liam." The man's voice was threatening. He finally looked up. His gray eyes were mirrors of Liam's but darker, almost black. They were like jewels of steel. His eyes were voids, deep orbs of hatred. Liam bristled, challenging the man with his own gaze. "Liam you will do as I say."

"Of course."

"You'll also be working with a partner." Before Liam could burst out angrily, a little blonde boy ran into the room, panting.

"Sir! The jet is ready to go and David won't wait any longer." The man nodded but Liam didn't turn.

"Who is it? Who's my partner?"

The man opened his mouth but the boy was tugging on his sleeve. "C'mon, before he leaves and you have to walk all the way to Florida." Liam was forcefully dragged away by the kid, who was stronger than he looked.

Liam climbed into the seat behind the pilot. David McGrath had become a pilot when he was 12 and had been flying agents to and fro for three years. The small boy's golden hair was flying every which way from the New York wind.

He saluted Liam, a smile on his face. "Give the enemy a few thumps for me will ya?"

The corners of Liam's mouth pulled up. It wasn't a real smile but it was the closest anyone could drag out of him. "Sure Tim." It was well known that Timothy was youngest operative and therefore unable to go out into the field. Liam and Tim clasped hands, then the boy was gone. Liam's soft spot for the boy was no secret.

Liam's cell started ringing. He flipped it open without looking at the number. "Liam?" the man's voice was on the other line.


"Don't screw up."

"Sure dad." The line went dead. Liam closed his phone and stored it in his pocket.

"Ready?" David's lilting voice could barely be heard through the surrounding noise of the helicopters.

"Take her up." Once in the air the noises faded.

"I'm surprised you took this job. I had expected them to have to drag you into the jet, chains and all."

Liam blinked. "What's that supposed to mean?"

David glanced back at him in surprise. "You don't know do you?" He laughed at the confused look on Liam's face. "Oooh the chief got you good. I wonder if she knows of a partner at all."

"She-what? You know who the agent is?" David nodded reluctantly.

"David, you better tell me!" His tone of voice was one criminals had learned to fear. David wasn't fazed in the least.

"I'm not at liberty to reveal such confidential information." There was an evil twinkle in his eyes.

Liam growled and it seemed like the air around him was frozen stiff. Liam Steele was a formidable young man; the main reason the government had hired him. At nicest he was a force to be reckoned with, but when he was angry anyone in his path was in danger.

David just laughed. "Sorry mate, but I have to have peace while flying." The door separating the cockpit and the passenger seats swung shut. Liam swore vividly and vowed to fillet David's Australian ass when they landed. Liam was distracted by a soft ticking sound behind him. He went through the pile of junk David had and his eyes landed on a detonator strapped to one of the bags.

"David!" Liam's shout reached the pilot's ears. "Sorry Steele but I'm not telling-"

"Shut up and get the parachutes!"

The door opened with a loud click and David was watching Liam with apprehension. "What? What's wrong?" Liam threw a pack at the young man and strapped his own on.

"Bomb." That one word sent David flying out of his seat, fumbling to get the parachute on. He banged a button and the plane went on autopilot. Liam already had the door open and the air was trying to suck them both out. Liam jumped first, his fear very mush controlled. "After you," Liam murmured. He checked the plane's course to make sure it wouldn't explode over any buildings and jumped out.