The New World
By Adam reading

Chapter 1, The Beginning Of The End

Beep, beep, beep. "New planet," Bella reported, Bella-the online artificial intelligence unit created by the U.W.F (United World Federation) "Good, scan the surface," Jenny ordered, Jenny-the pilot of the spaceship 'Phenox' also a part of the E.F.B.T (Earths final battle team) also known as 'Metal Strike'. Jenny waited in hope. "Surface scanned," Bella replied. "Well is it." "Negative," Bella interrupted, "The planet cannot support human life." "DAMN," Jenny yelled slamming her fists on the arms of her chair. The door to the pilot's room slid open and a man wearing the E.F.B.T uniform walked in. He was solid built, tall, with thick arms and a square shaped head, he had short brown hair that was gelled up into spikes at the front. "What's wrong Jenny," he said in a deep strong voice. "It has happened again Bryan.this planet is not suitable for human life," Jenny said pointing toward the planet. "Well there has to be some planet out there that we could live on, maybe the next planet we find will be the one," Bryan said hopefully. "Yeah well . I hope so, we have been looking for 32 days." "Yeah I know, there is nothing we can do about it though," Bryan said looking into Jenny's eyes. Jenny had very pretty blue eyes, and long blonde hair which she tied into a ponytail, her face was as prefect as the calm sea, she was of medium height and had a body that any man would drool over. From what Bryan new Jenny also liked things to be clean and perfect. Bryan was secretly in love with her, but he was afraid he wasn't good enough for her (even though he was all muscle), it reminded him of a school boy who was in love with the hottest and most popular girl in the school but he couldn't have her. "Well shall we continue," Bella asked? Jenny turned around to the control panel and said yes. She pulled a silver leaver and Bryan heard the ships engines roar to a start. "Can you leave please, I need to concentrate," Jenny asked Bryan without even turning around. Bryan opened the door with his fingerprints for i.d (a security system) and walked out to a large room full with people all wearing the E.F.B.T uniform. They all turned around to face him. "No it wasn't suitable," he said before they could ask him. He walked over to a window on the side of the room as the others turned and continued talking. He looked out at the two spaceships, like the one he was in, circling around a huge ship, the 'Nexas'. The ship he was in, Phonox, was leading all the ships. He stared at the 'Nexas' and sighed, in that huge ship was the remainder of the human race. So what had happened to make this horrible sight become real and not a fantasy or a dream. It all started in the year 2060, the human race were destroying themselves and the planet with all their wars and terrorism. The only way they could survive as a race was to make peace and stop fighting over each other's beliefs. A few years later after much discussion they formed the U.W.F (United World Federation), one government to control the world as one nation. There for there were no wars over land, and people were free to practice their own beliefs. Most acts of violence between people of different beliefs disopered however there was one faction who were spread all over the world that thought this government was just a way to break down their beliefs. This faction known as the 'Cothians' had terrible beliefs, they believed they had to kill all the humans in order to become immortal. The known 'Cothians' moved underground and hid but there were many more all over the world, even in high places in the government. In the year 2130 the human race had met aliens for the first time. For three years they were at peace with the aliens. The aliens shared their technology with the humans (they were more advanced), the aliens were called the 'Pleats'. The 'Cothians' were unhappy because they were not getting to share this technology so they made a drastic action, they decided to steal the 'Pleats' mothership surrounding Earth. They succeeded in taking the alien mothership, however that mothership was the 'Pleats' most advanced creation ever and a one of a kind and they could not forgive the humans. The U.W.F tried to tell the 'Pleats' that they were not responsible but they didn't listen. On July 23rd, 2134 the 'Pleats' made an attempt to wipe out the human race forever. They sent in a bio-engineered disease that killed most of the human race in three months. The leaders of the U.W.F meet together for a meeting to make the team known as E.F.B.T and they sent them away with a huge ship full of about 3000 people ( the 'Nexas') and three other ships. The only humans to survive the disease were the ones in the 'Nexas', the two ships circling it and all the members of the E.F.B.T in the ship 'Phonox'. Their mission is to save the human race by finding a new planet and living on it.

Chapter 2, New Earth

Bryan turned from the window and called for Lenny. A tall thin man walked over from the crowd to Bryan. "Yes Bryan," Lenny said, Lenny-one of the main people in E.F.B.T, specializes in long range weapons and is a professional sniper. Lenny was sometimes unco-ordinated but never with his sniping. He was a very laid back guy who usually agreed with people. He had a long nose and unusual bright green eyes. He always had untidy hair that was black. "How is the team going," Bryan asked? "Good no fights yet, everybody seems to get along," Lenny reported. "Perfect." "So, you are the leader, Bryan," Lenny said. "Yes I have told you before, everybody knows," Bryan said. "Yeah well. I should have been the leader," Lenny said. "Oh don't start now." "Fine, sorry.oh well I bet you will make a great leader," Lenny said. And with that Lenny turned around and returned to the crowd. Feeling tired Bryan turned to his right and passed through a door which led to a long hallway full of doors. As Bryan walked along he counted all of the numbers on the doors, "one, two, three, four ah yes number five." He stopped and got out a card from his pocket, put it in a machine next to the door and waited. The red light on the machine changed to green and the door opened. He walked into a small bedroom with a bed in one corner and a little bathroom in the other corner. There was also a seat and a desk. Bryan got changed into his bed clothes and lay in bed thinking about how he was the leader of the greatest team ever, well the team had to prove themselves first but he would make them the best. But what if he failed and he lost the human race and it was all because of him. He stopped worrying about this when he started thinking of Jenny, as he always did. He fell into a dreamless sleep.

"Sir, sir, sir, SIR," someone yelled. Bryan woke up, "what.who.where," he said stupidly "It's me sir, Bella." "Oh Bella, um yeah what is it," Bryan said yawning. "Steve is outside your room, he wants to talk to you," Bella said. "Ok let him in after I get changed." "Yes sir." Bryan got up and dressed into his uniform, the door to his room opened and Steve was standing there. Steve was just a bit shorter than Bryan but he was built the same, all muscle. He was bald and didn't have the same strong looking face as Bryan. From what Bryan had seen the past 33 days Steve had a short temper and he loved to be in control of everything. "Hi Bryan, how are you today," asked Steve? Steve-second in command of the E.F.B.T, specializes in most weapons. "Good thanks," Bryan answered. Steve stood there staring at Bryan's room. "What is it," Bryan asked. "You have a bigger room than the rest of us.and more stuff in it," Steve complained. "Yes well I am the leader..anyway what do you want to talk to me about"? "Oh, um I saw one of the other ships leaking something as it was flying around, it could be fuel, I think we should stop and investigate," Steve said. "Investigate it in space, are you mad," Bryan said. "Well if it is fuel.we don't have much to spare." "Ok I will go and contact the ship from the pilot's room," Bryan said. Just as Bryan was leaving the room Bella yelled, "NEW PLANET SIR." Steve looked at Bryan, a slight grin on his face, Bryan knew what Steve was feeling, he had felt it every time Bella had reported about a new planet. Bryan turned and ran down the hallway through the large room, now empty, and stopped in front of the pilot's door. He crossed his fingers and opened the door. "Scan the planet," Jenny ordered. She turned around to face Bryan, she looked tired, she must have been up all night. "This has to be the one," Jenny yawned. Bryan looked at the planet through the glass, it was much like Earth, it had continents small and large. The land was green and the sea was blue. "Scans report that.this planet is suitable for human life," Bella said. Jenny jumped up and screamed for joy, she hugged Bryan and kissed him on the cheek. Bryan couldn't help the huge grin that was now on his face. Jenny turned away from him and ran out of the pilot's room. Bryan stood there staring at the new planet. He could hear Jenny yelling out so the whole ship could hear. "Scan the surface for life," Bryan ordered Bella. Jenny was still yelling when she ran back into the pilot's room. She didn't look tired anymore. "Scan complete.this planet is thriving with life.none intelligent though," Bella replied. "That is perfect," Bryan replied. "Yes lets go now, I will contact the other ships first then we shall land on the largest continent," Jenny said excitedly.

Ten minutes later Jenny was still yelling for joy and Bryan watched, from his seat, as they started their descent onto the planet. He was in the pilot's room with Jenny. The ships engines roaring as they entered the planets atmosphere, the front of the ship was starting to glow an orange and red colour. It was almost blinding, Bryan thought about the rest of the crew in the back of the ship, all of them were as happy as Jenny when they found out about the new planet. "Temperature 60 degrees and rising," Bella reported. "Ok switch on the thrusters when we are clear of the atmosphere," Jenny ordered. The ship burst through the atmosphere and started to slow down. "Oh my god!" "What.what is.oh," Bryan had said as he saw one of the fighter ships speeding down still as fast as they had entered. "That must have been the ship that was leaking," Bryan said. "What, there was a ship leaking and you didn't say anything!" Jenny said. "Yeah well with finding the new planet and all." Beep, beep, beep "There is a message coming through from the ship," Bella said. "Ok put it through," Jenny said. Bryan looked down at the computer screen as the image of the pilot from the ship appeared, "we must have been leaking fuel.we have none left to land.there is no hope.well this is good bye." Bryan looked up just in time to see the ship plunge into a mountain, there was a huge explosion and metal was flying everywhere. 'NOOOOOOO," Jenny screamed. The Phonox started moving around very dangerously. "Jenny get a grip of yourself you are going to crash the ship," Bryan said. Jenny realized what she was doing and regained control, she pulled the control stick up and settled in for a landing. As the ship landed Bryan heard the clunk of the landing gear as it touched the surface of the planet. They had landed in a clearing of what Bryan thought could be a forest. "We have landed successfully.well done Jenny," Bella complimented. Bryan stood up and put a hand on Jenny's shoulder, "Yeah good job Jenny." Bryan looked back out the window as the other ships landed, safely.

Chapter 3, The Colony Of Six

Bryan stood at the Phonox's air lock door waiting for Jenny, who was in the pilot's room, to open it. "Jenny, open the door," Bryan said. As Bryan waited for her reply he turned around and saw Steve at the front of the group give him a thumbs up, Lenny's head stuck out from the back of the crowd. "Ok sir I will open the door in," With a click and a rush of air the door slowly opened. Bryan stared out onto a field of what reminded him of grass, although it was a bit thicker than grass. He took a step out of the ship and on to the thick grass, the thick grass felt like grass. He stared up into the sky, one sun glared back down at him. From the other ships now, people started coming out and looking around. There was a slight breeze but it was still warm. Bryan turned around and already the rest of the crew from the Phonox had got out of the ship and were walking around, Lenny and Steve ran up to Bryan. "This place is weird but cool, man," Steve said. "Yeah it rocks, it is kinda like Earth," Lenny said. "Yes its great," Bryan said. For a few seconds no one said anything then Steve said that Lenny and he would go and round everybody up for the speech Bryan should make. Bryan was worried about this speech but he totally forgot about it for a while. He walked over to the edge of the clearing and examined some tree like things. Just as he was about to turn around and go back he saw an animal, climbing up one of the tree like things. Huh well this planet must be thriving with life, Bryan thought to himself. He turned around and walked back to a large crowed now forming around a little stage. As he moved his way through the crowed the people congratulated him and thanked him for finding this planet. He reached the stage and Jenny, Steve and Lenny were all ready there. They had set up a microphone to, he walked up to it and the crowed were cheering for him. "Well.welcome to.the new Earth." His voice echoed everywhere. The crowed gave a huge round of applause and were still cheering for him. "It is now time for us to start new roots in this planet, we should start to set up our colony as soon as possible. We also need to find a source of water and find a new source of food. Also we should try to research as much about this area as we can so we can use this land to the best of our ability." The crowed cheered and clapped yet again as Bryan stopped. Jenny walked up to him and whispered in his ear "we will need leaders of the colony," she walked back to her position next to Lenny, and Bryan continued. "We need leaders for this new colony." The crowed all screamed, "you, you are our leader." "Yes well I think we should have more leaders," Bryan said. The crowed all nodded and agreed that having a few leaders for the colony would be good, a man at the front of the crowed yelled, "but how will we decide on who shall be the other leaders!" "I think that Bryan should choose," said a women somewhere in the crowed. "Yeah that is a great idea, you choose," yelled another man from the crowed. Bryan felt bewildered, all these people loved him they really wanted him to be their leader. Bryan thought about it for a while. "Well I have thought about it and I think we should have six leaders including me," Bryan said. "Well who are the other five?" said a man in the front of the crowed. "The other five are.Steve Matrix.Lenny King.Jenny Hasbro.and well I do not know who else," Bryan said as he pointed out the three people that were behind him. "Well how about me then," said a man's voice from the crowed. The crowed parted and an African looking man stood there, he was wearing the E.F.B.T uniform. He had short brown hair, and hazel eyes, he was looking confident. "Why should I choose you?" Bryan asked. "Well I am trust worthy, and smart." "I don't even know you, what is your name?" Bryan asked. "My name is Max.Max Hover, I specialise in explosive weapons," Max said. "What do the rest of you think?" Bryan asked the crowed. The people in the crowed started muttering to each other. "Hands up those people who think he should be one of the leaders," Bryan said. Three quarters of the crowed put their hand up. "Well that's decided, Max Hover you are one of the leaders." Max pumped a fist in the air and the rest of the crowed moved back together. "So.who is the last person," The crowed yelled. Bryan thought again for a minute, the crowed became restless. "The last person. well I should say member of the leaders is.Bella." "Who?" The crowed asked. "Bella.the artificial intelligence unit on the ship I was on, the Phonox." "The what, a stupid computer program.that can not be a leader," a man yelled. The crowed all yelled in agreement. "I chose Bella and I get to chose the Bella is now a leader of the colony. "We now have our six leaders, so let us begin to build our colony," Bryan said. The crowed seemed unhappy about Bella but they did as they were told. Everybody moved out and began to unload the ships to make the colony. As the crowed moved away Max came over and helped Jenny, Lenny, Steve and Bryan pack up the stage. "I am very thankful toward you Bryan," Max said as he unscrewed a bolt on one of the legs. "Yes well the crowed voted not me," Bryan said. "Will you two stop chatting and come and help me for a minute," Jenny said. "Oh, yeah sorry," Bryan and Max said. After they had packed the stage up and put it in the back of the Phonox they moved out to help the other people build the new colony. That night they slept in their usual rooms onboard the ships, for the colony had not been set up yet. "So.sir you chose me as one of the leaders," Bella said as Bryan was lying in bed. He looked around the room and said, "Yes I did chose you." "Oh this.this.this is very exciting.sir," Bella said. "Well, I guess it is.for you," Bryan said. "But I must ask you one thing, how am I going to get am I going to be like a human?" "Well.I have thought about that and it is possible for me to re-write the circet manuel and override it to make you a hologram body," Bryan said. "Oh, well that's.oh my you are so thoughtful and kind will be a great leader, goodnight sir." Bella said. With one beep, Bella's voice had gone. Bryan said, "Out lights," and instantly the lights in his room went out. He lay in bed thinking about what that day had brought to the human race, hope, and then he started thinking about Jenny, as usual and he drifted of to sleep.

When Bryan woke up the next morning he heard lots of noise coming from hard working people. He got up and dressed into his E.F.B.T uniform and went out to the large room where he met Jenny, Lenny, Max and Steve sitting at one of the tables eating breakfast. "Goof moring Bryzen," Lenny said with a mouth full of food. Jenny looked at Lenny like he was a piece of dirt on the ground. "Good morning, how are you today?" Jenny asked. "Good are you?" Bryan asked. "Also good,' she replied. Bryan walked over to a machine on the wall and pushed a button labeled toast and the machine made a weird clicking sound, a minute later a piece of toast fell out. Bryan moved further along the wall and came to another machine where he got a plate and he put his dressing on, including butter. He turned from the machine and sat down next to Steve. Steve had a bowel of cereal in front of him that was half eaten. "Bella told me this morning that you said you could make a hologram for her," Steve said sounding interested. Bryan took a bite out of his toast and said, "Yeah, it's quite easy, I was thinking about it during my speech yesterday." "Ah yes your speech.that was a great speech, you have got every body wound up," Max said. "Oh well that's good isn't it?" Bryan asked. "Yes very good indeed, they are so enthusiastic about the colony that they are working over time to finish it," Max replied. Bryan had just finished his toast, he got up put the plate into another machine on the wall, the machine made a whirling sound and the plate came out all clean, it fell back onto a pile of clean plates. "Do you guys want a drink of water?" Bryan asked. They all said yes, so Bryan turned around to another machine and ordered drinks for them all. By midday the colony was starting to come together and it looked great. Jenny, Steve, Lenny and Max were helping the people build the colony while Bryan stayed inside the Phonox and worked on making the hologram for Bella. "I Just have to wire the blue cable to the c-chip and.," Bryan began to say. The remote he had just made started to make an electrical sound, Bryan had made a remote and a little hovering projector powered by water. The light turned on at the top of the remote. "Yes it worked.all you have to do, Bella, is make a body for yourself on the computer and then I will down load it on to the remote and the projector," Bryan said in a triumphant voice. "Yes sir," Bella said. Bryan stood up and stretched his leg muscles, he was in the pilot's room. There were wires all over the floor from where he had been working. "I am done sir," Bella reported. "What already?" Bryan asked looking confused. " my free time on the ship.while we were flying.I.I made a body for myself," Bella said. "Oh well, cool, I think," Bryan said. "Yeah." "Ok, put it on the screen, with all the data," Bryan ordered. The computer screen turned on just as Bryan looked at it. On the screen was a beautiful young, healthy looking, attractive women, she was wearing the E.F.B.T uniform. She had long brown hair that just freely hung down. Bryan started to drool a bit and then he said to himself, get a hold of your self it is a program not a real person. He put a mini chip into a slot in the computer and transferred the data from the computer on to it. The loading bar finished and the chip was ejected from the computer. "There done," said Bryan. "Good, when can we test it?" Bella asked. "Well now, if you want," Bryan replied as he placed the chip in the back of the remote. "Ok, go," said Bella. Bryan pushed the activate button on the remote and the projector sprung to life, a beam of light emitted from it and the blinking image of the women he had seen on the computer screen appeared. The hologram moved its mouth as Bella said, "It worked." Bella/the hologram took a few steps and smiled. "I am like a human, I can walk, this is fantastic.oh thanks, sir," Bella said still smiling. The pilots door opened and Jenny came in. She looked surprised. "Who is that," Jenny asked? Bryan laughed, "Its Bella." Bella smiled at Jenny, "Its Bella.good job on the hologram, Bryan she looks so real," Jenny said as she walked around Bella. "Yes he did a great job," Bella said.

With the advanced building equipment they had, the colony, which was big enough to house 3000 people, was completed in about four months. It was surrounded by red tents that also housed many people. It looked like an Egyptian building, it was made of sand stone. It only had one level. It was time for the first meeting of the six leaders. By now all of the people had got used to the idea of Bella being a leader. Bryan, Jenny, Steve, Lenny, Max and Bella were walking down the long corridor that lead to the leaders room. A huge crowed of people were following them. They turned a corner and came to a door, and next to the door was a computer screen. "I.D PLEASE," the computer ordered. Bryan walked up to the screen, breathed on it then put his eyes close to the screen. "Scanning.scan complete.welcome Bryan." The metal door swung open and the leaders, with the crowed behind them, entered the room. It was a large hall covered in tapestries and at the end there was a long table with six seats. The leaders moved up and sat in their positions, Bryan in the middle. The crowed were seated in long rows of seats that were in front of where the leaders sat. Bryan gazed at the people they looked tired but happy. "We are here now to start the meeting," Bryan declared. The crowed cheered. "Our first issue will be the naming of the colony," jenny said. "Do any of you have any idea's," Bryan asked? A short women put her hand up and said " I think it should be called.'The colony of six'.you know because of the six leaders." Bryan turned and consulted with Lenny, Jenny, Steve and Bella. They all agreed, "yes that is a great idea, thank you," Bryan said as he turned to look at the women. She blushed, "oh no, thank you sir," the women said. "You can call me Bryan if you want," Bryan said. This made her blush even more and she hunched in her seat. "Ok.the colony is called 'The Colony of Six'. "Now for our next issue, we have little food left and we need to plant the seeds we brought around the colony, we need to find a good food source on this planet to get us started," Jenny said. The crowd all agreed with this and Jenny continued, "I leave this job to Mr Handton, I have read his profile and it seems he is a doctor and a scientist." A man wearing a long white labcoat walked up to the desk. "I am Mr Handton.sir." He had long grey hair that was very untidy, he looked quite old except his eyes. "Just call me Bryan Mr Handton." "Ok Bryan.I am willing for the job." The crowd cheered as Mr Handton walked back to his seat. "Another issue will be water, when we scanned the planet it did have water on it just like Earth, the thing is we need to find a good source of it," Bryan said. "I think that we should look around for a lake or a creek or something," Steve said. "Yeah that's a great idea," Lenny agreed as usual. "Well we will look next week then, I expect Mr Handton to start planting the seeds tonight and if you have time try to find some food of those tree things. You have the lab in corridor four, so use it," Bryan said. Lenny, Steve, Bella and Jenny stood up and so did the crowd. "This is the end of our meeting, goodnight to all we hope you like your rooms or if you are in a tent I hope you like it to," Bryan said. The crowd moved out of the room and the six leaders said goodnight to each other and moved off to their rooms. Bryan reached his room and got changed, he had a window and he could see the people getting in their tents. He lay on his bed and as usual thought about Jenny. The door to his room opened and someone came in, Bryan sat up and saw Jenny wearing a pink nightgown. She walked over to his bed and sat down. 'I need you Bryan," She said in a lusty voice. Bryan couldn't believe it. "I need you Bryan, She said a little louder. Suddenly she grabbed the front of his night top with great strength, "I NEED YOU BRYAN," she shouted. She started shaking him and yelling. Bryan blinked and stared up at Steve who was dressed in his E.F.B.T uniform shaking him. "Bryan I need you, quick." "What," Bryan said, then he realised it was all a dream. "Something has attacked the colony," Steve said in panic. Bryan sat up, now wide awake. "Something attacked the colony," Bryan asked? "Yes it attacked one of the red tents out the front of the colony," Steve said. "What do you mean a creature," Bryan asked? "Just get changed and come to the seventh tent left from the front door.well what is left of it." And with that Steve left the room in a hurry. Bryan quickly got changed and ran all the way to the tent, when he got there all that was left of the tent were red scraps on the ground. He walked over to Steve and said, "who were the people that lived in this tent?" Steve pointed to four men who were sitting on the ground looking very white. Lenny was next to them trying to keep them calm. Bryan walked over to them and asked them what happened. "We.we were s.sleeping and we.we heard a noise, like a loud growling." The man paused for a minute trying to stop himself from shaking. "And then suddenly the s.s.side of the tent ripped open, and.and.and." "There was a creature that looked like a.a.a small bear, and it continued to rip the tent to pieces, b.b.biting it and scratching it," the second man finished, for the other man was looking like he was going to have a heart attack. "Where did it go," Bryan asked? The man pointed to a large gap in the trees, it looked like a truck had just driven straight through it. All the tree things had been smashed and broken. "Right, Steve go get the Jeep from the back of the 'Phonox'. Lenny, go gather a few members of the E.F.B.T and load them on the jeep. Oh and Steve pack some guns." Steve looked rather happy as he ran off. But Lenny didn't move, he asked Bryan, "Why should we do that, surely we are not going to go after the creature?" "Well, yes we are Lenny. We have to show our people that they are safe and secure." "Good point.ok I will go get some men," Lenny said. Lenny began to stride of. "Wait a minute Lenny.get Bella as well she can help track the creature," Bryan said. Lenny nodded and continued toward the colony. A few minutes later, Steve, who insisted on driving the jeep and the men were ready. The jeep looked futuristic, shiny and clean it had no roof and a large yellow tinted window at the front. In the back , which looked like a ute, it had seats and there was a small laser gun attached to the further back seat. It was green with large wheels and lots of suspension. They all armed themselves with laser rifles and set off following the creature's destructive path. Lenny had found five people who were willing to go, Justin, Roger, Ray, Frank and Bill. They all seemed fine, not scared. Steve drove the jeep over a bump in the ground and the jeep flew through the air for a few seconds then landed. "I am sensing a life form moving very fast to the left of us," Bella reported. Steve turned the controller to the jeep and they went speeding left. The destructive path was now gone so Steve had to wind his way through the trees. Deeper and deeper they went into the forest until the light could not reach the ground through the trees. "Wait, stop," Bella ordered. The jeep stopped with a jolt right in front of a large tree. "What is it Bella," Steve asked? "The creature has stopped, it is somewhere within a one hundred meter radius." "Well can't you narrow it down," Steve asked? "No the trees must be disturbing my senses," Bella answered. Bryan decided to take action, standing up he said, "Right.we have to split up and look. Ray and Frank you take the left hand side, Justin, Roger and Bill you take the right hand side. Steve and I will search straight ahead and Lenny.well you and Bella can stay here. I thought that the creature is behind us. Ok men move out." Everyone did as they were told but Lenny looked disappointed. "You can do something next time, ok," Bryan said to Lenny. "Fine," Lenny replied. The three groups moved out. Steve seemed excited but he kept jumping at the slightest sounds. They walked on, their boots crunching on things that lay on the forest floor. The trees were so large this deep into the forest. Suddenly they heard a scream and laser shots. Bryan and Steve looked at each other then ran back to the jeep. They got there in time to see Frank carrying Ray through the trees toward the jeep. Justin, Roger and Bill were all ready there, they must have ran back when they heard the screaming to. Bryan ran over to help. "What happened," Bryan asked? "The creature jumped from a tree and attacked scratched me and bit Ray," Frank said. Bryan looked down and saw Frank's arm, which was gushing blood from a large cut. But it was nothing to what Ray looked like, blood all over his body and two huge teeth marks in the side of his stomach. They lifted him on to the jeep and hopped on it as well. "Steve get us back to the colony quickly, we need to get him to a doctor," Bryan ordered. Steve jumped in the front of the jeep and speed off.

Chapter 4, The Invisible Plague

The jeep hurdled through the forest, narrowly missing the trees. Ray was breathing heavily, half awake. "Stay with us man," Frank said. Ray opened his eyes, "That's right stay with me brother," Frank said. Ray wasn't listening, he stared out at the trees, something was wrong with his vision. It was more white than colour, the trees whirring past were not that well outlined. I am going to die, Ray thought. He closed his eyes and listened to the jeeps motor roar. "I think we are losing him Bryan," Frank said. Ray didn't hear this as he lay. Suddenly he caught scent of something, his smell sense was strong, he moved his head following the smell and opened his eyes. He was staring at Frank's cut arm and in Rays eyes the blood was to bright, suddenly an urge came over him, he wanted to suck the blood, that tasty, sweet smelling blood. He stood up, "Yes you are still fine my bro," Frank said happily. Ray spring out his arm and grabbed Frank by the neck. "Bro, dude what.uhhh.can't.uhh breath.s.stop.urrrr," Frank choked. Ray pulled him closer, "I need your tasty blood," Ray muttered. Someone grabbed Ray from behind but Ray grabbed that person and threw him of the jeep. The jeep braked to a stop. "Need your blood," Ray continued. He lowered his head to Franks arm and began to drink the sweet trickle of blood. "Noooo..ooouhhhh.please," Frank choked. Ray could feel the blood sliding down his throat, warm, refreshing. Suddenly something metal touched the back of his head. "Suck on this," Steve said. He was holding one of the laser guns to Rays head. He pulled the trigger and splat, Ray's body rolled of the jeep and onto the forest floor. Bryan got up from, where he was thrown and ran over to the jeep, he jumped onto the back and ran over to Frank. "Frank are you ok," Bryan asked? "Yeah thanks to Steve," Frank said rubbing his red throat.

"Tell me again Bryan," Jenny said. It was a week later from the adventure with the beast and Bryan, Jenny, Max, Lenny and Steve were sitting in the large lunchroom in the colony. "Jenny I have already told you ten times," Bryan said. "Yes I know but it is interesting," Jenny said. Bryan felt angry, "Interesting.INTERESTING, WE LOST A MAN BECAUSE OF THAT CREATURE," Bryan yelled. "Keep your cool Bryan," Jenny said in a hushed voice as everybody in the lunchroom turned around to see what the argument was about. "Any way, guys we have another meeting tonight, and we have to look for a water source tomorrow," Steve said. "We should probably start to organize what we are going to say after lunch," Steve suggested. "That's a good idea," Lenny said. "Lenny do you always have to agree with everyone," Bryan said, still angry. "Oh I am sorry Mr Perfect, I didn't realise that I couldn't be my self.its my personality Bryan it makes me who I am." "Oh shut up Lenny," Bryan said. "You always shut me out of things, Bryan, huh huh why is that," Lenny said. "Maybe because you suck, and you could die," Bryan said nastily. It was the last straw for Bryan, Lenny leapt at him knocking him to the ground. Bryan got back up and took a swing at Lenny's face. He hit Lenny hard in the nose and blood started dripping out. Lenny fell backwards holding his nose. "STOP IT BOTH OF YOU," Jenny screamed. The whole room was now watching. Lenny stood up but before he could attack Bryan Steve grabbed his hands. Jenny and Max ran in front of Bryan. "Stop, you are being stupid Bryan. Man you have a bad temper," Jenny said. Jenny turned around and faced Lenny, "Lenny don't bate him ok." She turned back to Bryan, "Tell Lenny you are sorry." Bryan felt bad, it was true he had started the fight all because he was angry. He walked up to Lenny and said he was sorry. Lenny accepted the apology. Bryan and the other five leaders spent the rest of the day in the leaders room discussing what they should talk about in the meeting.

It was now time for the meeting, the room was full of people who were all chatting. "Excuse me can I have your attention, yes that's right the meeting has now started," Jenny said. The crowd stopped talking and paid all their attention to Jenny. "I would like to ask Mr Handton to come up to the table please," Jenny said as she sat down. Mr Handton got up from his seat and walked up to Bryan. "Now then, have you planted the crops,' Bryan asked? "Yes sir I mean Bryan.yes Bryan," Mr Handton said. Bryan laughed. "And have you found any food," Bryan asked? "No not yet Bryan, but I will look into it." "Good, good. Ok you may sit down Mr Handton," Bryan said gesturing his hand. Mr Handton walked back to his seat. "Now.," Bryan started. "What happened to the creature," a woman interrupted. "Yeah did you kill it," a man said in a gruff voice. "Well um, I would like to call up Frank," Bryan said. Frank who was looking sad walked up to Bryan. "Come closer," Bryan urged Frank. Frank leaned right next to Bryan. "Did you kill the creature," Bryan whispered? Frank stepped back and shook his head. "Well we are waiting, did you kill the creature," The man with the gruff voice said. The rest of the crowd looked up at Bryan and waited for his response. Bryan looked at his shoes under the table for a second then he said to the crowd plainly, "No." The crowd started muttering and everybody was talking. "Everybody shhh, we are in a meeting please," Steve said in an attempt to silence the crowd. " didn't kill the creature," a man in the back of the crowd said. "But what if it comes back to kill us all," A women said. Bryan looked at Frank who was looking very distressed. Poor guy, Bryan thought, he lost his best friend. "You have not secured our safety," a man said in a scared voice. "Now, now there was noth.," Bryan began. "We want justice, we want safety," the man with the gruff voice interrupted. "WE WILL PROTECT YOU.DO YOU THINK THAT WE LIKED LETTING THE CREATURE LIVE.HUH DO YOU.DO YOU THINK THAT WE WANT THE CREATURE TO COME BACK AND KILL YOU ALL," Steve said now shaking with anger. No one spoke, everyone in the room was looking at Steve who's face was as red as a tomato. Bryan looked at Jenny who whispered to him, "Wrap it up." "Um you all know we will be searching for a water supply tomorrow and I would like Mr Handton to join us. And don't worry we will be safe I plan to take 30 people with us. This is the end of the meeting, goodnight," Bryan said. The room slowly cleared of people. Steve was still sitting in his seat, trying to calm himself. "Man I though I had a bad temper, but it shut them up," Bryan said to Steve. Steve nodded then started laughing. "Well all that planning we did before hand was useless," Jenny sighed. "Well I am going to bed.see you all bright and early in the morning," Max said. "Yeah I better go to bed as well," Bryan said. They all left the leaders room and went to their bedrooms. As Bryan was walking down the corridor to his bedroom he heard someone walking behind him, he turned but there was nothing there. Bryan continued but he could still hear the footsteps behind him, he turned again and again there was no one behind him. He was getting frustrated, he turned around and said, " Is anybody there, come out." He waited for a reply but none came. He turned back around and saw one of the doors open and close, all on its own. Bryan rubbed his eyes and walked to his room (there were no more footsteps behind him). He set his alarm to wake him in the morning and lay in bed thinking about what he had just saw, well not saw. Strange, it was like someone invisible was there, but they never invented invisibility he thought. He drifted of to sleep after thinking about Jenny.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, Bryan opened his eyes and pushed the button on his alarm. The beeping stopped. "Alright men and women and artificial intelligence unit, are you ready," Bryan said in a loud voice. It was a few hours later and Bryan and about twenty nine other people (all armed with laser rifles) including, Bella, Jenny, Max, Lenny, Steve and Mr Handton were getting ready to find a water source. "Bella, scan the area," Bryan said. "Yes sir.scanning." "There better be a water source around here or we will be ruined," a young man said. "Sir my scan is complete and the only water supply in the area is a large is about a four hour trip away on foot," Bella reported. "Perfect, well lets get on our way then," Bryan said. They spent the four hours traveling through a wide range of weird scenery, they went up hills and back down. They saw a few creatures and a giant reptilian bird that flew overhead. At last they reached the lake, it was surrounded by bushes that looked like they bore fruit. There was a soft breeze and it was a bit cloudy. On one side of the lake there was a cliff face and on the other, where they were, there was a hill full of trees. "Wow this is fascinating," Mr Handton said as he ran over to the bushes. "Johnson take the bucket and get some water, to prove that we found some," Bryan ordered a short man wearing the E.F.B.T uniform. Johnson walked off to the side of the lake. "Great find," Jenny said. "Yeah, good work Bella," Bryan said. "Oh thanks," Bella said. The hologram Bella walked off. "Well everybody is having fun," Steve said. "Yup," Bryan said. "Well lets go taste the water," Steve said hurrying off toward the lake. Bryan followed the water tasted just like it did on Earth, except it didn't have any chemicals in it. Steve kicked some water and it hit a man that was also drinking. This started a water fight. Just before they left Bryan refreshed Bella's hologram by refilling the water. As they walked back to the colony, drenched, they sang and laughed. By the time they got back it was dark. Bryan hadn't told Steve or Lenny or even Jenny about the invisible person. He hoped to hear it again as he walked down the corridor to his bedroom but there was nothing.

For the next week the leaders helped around the colony as best they could, they also mapped the whole area, with Bella's help. "So do you think that creature will attack again," Mr Handton asked Bryan? Bryan was helping Mr Handton plant more seeds for the crops. "Well it did taste our blood, it might," Bryan said. "Maybe you should hunt it down and kill it, before it can do anything," Mr Handton suggested. "No way we could hunt it down now, it could be anywhere," Bryan replied. Mr Handton sat down on the dirt and Bryan followed. "This is a foreign world, but we are surviving," Mr Hanton said. "Yes." Bryan gazed at the scenery. From the sun to the sky, to the small clouds that were floating over head, to the hills and to the trees and to the crops were one of them were floating around. Bryan blinked but the crop plant, a carrot, continued to float. "Umm.Mr Handton.," Bryan started. "Yes I can see them to, the crop plants," Mr Handton interrupted. Bryan sighed in relief, he though he was going mad. What with the invisible person and the floating crop. The crop floated into the forest and disappeared from view. "Strange," Mr Handton said. The floating crop and the invisible person were not the only thing that was scary and strange that week, the bear creature attacked one of the tents again a few days later and people kept losing things they would have sworn they left in their rooms. The leaders meetings were becoming more of a yelling match than a meeting. In one of the leaders meetings Bryan finally gave in to the crowds requests to kill the creature. "Max take a team of ten men and go find the creature.and kill it," Bryan said. "Yes Bryan," Max said as he left the leaders room. The crowd was now quiet. "Now it is a growing concern about all the things disappearing and crops I leave John Jusfin to investigate it," Bryan said. "That is all," jenny said. As the crowd moved out Bryan looked at Jenny who smiled at him, her perfect smile made Bryan tingle. Over the past few weeks they had become better friends, a lot better friends. Bryan could have sworn that she would ask him to be her boyfriend soon. The leaders stayed up late talking and waiting for Max to return. Bryan didn't even notice when he was being talked to, he couldn't help himself he stared at Jenny for ages. They had been waiting for three hours when finally the door to the leaders room opened. And standing there was a muddy and blood stained Max. "MAX," Lenny yelled as he ran down to see him. "What happened, where are the others," Lenny said. "They.are all dead," Max said breathing deeply. "I.I.ran all the way back." Max said. Bryan and the others patted Max's back in sympathy. Jenny however didn't, Bryan could tell she wanted to but she hated things to be messy and dirty. That night Bryan had a dream about Jenny and him walking down a path on a nice summers day. They were in a park, on Earth and they were holding hands. They kissed and hugged each other. But suddenly Bryan pulled away he felt a pain in his chest, he couldn't breath. He looked at his hands and they were rotting. It was the alien disease, it was killing him, he tried to scream but thy pain was too much. Bryan woke up screaming. He fell back asleep and when he woke up he didn't remember the dream at all.

He got up dressed, showered and went to the lunchroom to have breakfast. There was only one person in there it was Lenny. "Hey what's happening Lenny," Bryan said cheerfully. "How can you be so happy," Lenny said. "Well it is a wonderful day," Bryan sang. Lenny looked really depressed. "What is it Lenny," Bryan asked? "You don't know," Lenny replied. "Know what," Bryan asked? It turned out that during the night the whole crop field had been destroyed and stolen. "Now what are we going to eat," Lenny said after telling Bryan. "Well Mr Handton said that the food around the lake is edible. "Yeah well that is four hours away then four back," Lenny said. They needed food so they took the route to the lake again only this time they were after food not water. The fruit tasted sweet and it was filling. At the next meeting of the leaders the people were so angry because Max had not killed the creature. "EVERYBODY SHHHHHH," Steve yelled. Usually this worked but today they were too angry. The leaders had had enough they stood up and walked out, leaving the crowd both angry and confused. "So what's up for tomorrow," Jenny asked? "Well I found out there is a large deep cave about an hour south west from here," Bella said. "Might be interesting to check it out," Steve said. "Yeah, that's a good idea," Lenny agreed. "Yeah ok," Bryan agreed. "Well goodnight," Steve said. Lenny, Steve, Max and Bella walked off but Jenny remained. "Something wrong Jenny," Bryan asked? "No its you want to talk in private somewhere?" Bryan couldn't believe it, he said yes and Jenny suggested his room. So of they went down the corridor around a corner and seventeenth door on the right. Bryan opened the door and let Jenny go in. she went and sat on his bed, Bryan followed her. "So.what do you want to talk about," Asked Bryan? Although he all ready thought he knew. "Well I think it is time we.go one more step in our relationship," Jenny said. Bryan's heart was thumping, this was it she was going to ask him to be her boyfriend. "Well ok, I think we are ready," Bryan said. Jenny smiled and continued, "I also think that we are" Jenny seemed a little nervous so Bryan finished the sentence, hoping he was right, "We should become boyfriend and girlfriend." "Yes, exactly," Jenny said. They both sat there for a minute thinking then Jenny moved closer to Bryan, put her arms around him and hugged him. Bryan wrapped his hands around Jenny and hugged her to, Bryan didn't know if Jenny was smiling but he knew he was. They pulled apart, "Well see you tomorrow in the lunchroom for breakfast, bye," Jenny said. "Bye," Bryan said as Jenny left the room. Bryan was so happy he forgot to get changed, he fell asleep with his uniform on and with a big smile.

The next day at lunch Bryan and Jenny sat next to each other, they hugged and even kissed while eating. Lenny, Steve and Max asked what they were doing, Bryan and Jenny replied simply were are boyfriend and girlfriend. "It better not interfere with your work guys," Lenny said. "No it wont," Jenny said. "Well are you guys ready to explore the caves," Bella shouted from across the room. She had just entered the hall through the double doors. "Yes we are ready, Bella," Bryan said in a board voice. Bryan and the other got up and followed Bella outside. It was a nice day, a bit cloudy but reasibly sunny. As they walked toward the forrest they heard shouts of creature's far away. As a precaution they had brought their lazer rifles. After an hour off walking they came across a small valley. "The cave should be at the bottom," Bella said pointing down into the valley. They couldn't see anything because the trees were so thick. It was only when they got down to the bottom that they could see anything. "It would be a great hiding place," Steve said. "Over here," Bella said pointing to some bushes on the ground. They walked over to the thick tangle of bushes. "So what," Lenny said. "Well the cave should be right here," Bella said sounding confused. "All that is here is bushes," Max said. "No wait guys, what if the cave is just a hole straight down.through the bushes," Bryan suggested. "Bella scan this area, see if there is anything below the bushes," Bryan orded. "Yes sir," Bella replied screwing up her face in concentration. They waited for a minute looking around taking in their surroundings. "Got it.yes sir you were right there are the tangled bushes then there is a 2.3 meter drop.into a small area and the cave entrance is next to that," Bella reported. "Great, well are we going to go or what guys," Bryan said enthusiastically. "Yes I will go," Jenny said as she walked up to Bryan. Bryan put his arm around her and asked the others, they all thought it was a great idea except for Lenny who was looking a little scared. "What's wrong Lenny," Bryan asked. Lenny looked embarrassed but he told them, "I haven't told many people this but I am afraid of small spaces." Steve began to laugh, "Its not funny Steve," Lenny said. "Your right its not funny.its hilarious," Steve said now laughing. "Steve stop picking on Lenny, it must be horrible to have that fear," Jenny said. Bryan thought for a moment and said, "Yeah Steve stop picking on him." Bryan had only said it because Jenny had, he loved her so much. "Can we get started," Bella said impatiently. "Yes," Bryan said. Bryan moved toward the bushes, crouched and moved the tangled bushes as much as he could. He than lowered his body down through the bushes and dropped the rest of the way. He landed on soft dirt, he looked up just in time to see the hole in the bushes he made disappear. Wow this is a great place to hide, Bryan thought.