Dragon Slayer? By Lachlan Macleod

I know I had never liked dragons, but still, not liking them is one thing, but killing them is another. Still, it was going to be them or me.

I suppose I'd better start from the beginning, the start, and the top. Well, it was May 21 1140, when an old wizard came to my door. I had never seen one before, so I was confused about what he would want. I said
"I'll get Mum if you want."
"No, it's you I want."
"I have a mission for you."
"Do you like dragons?"
"I don't m."
"Good, well let's get started."
I bid farewell to my mother and left with the wizard.
We arrived at his workshop after a long walk. There he explained how I had to design weapons for dragon-slayers.
"So, you in?" He said
"Um, I'll have to thin."
"Good! You can start now!" I could tell I was not going to enjoy this. He gave me an unlimited amount of paper and pencils and I got to work. I had already devised a plan. I would draw diagrams for a rather 'not- working' weapon and I would hopefully get fired. I did this the first time, and I accidentally created a perfect dragon-slaying mechanism that slayed five dragons. Now I was beginning to feel sorry for dragons, I mean I was accidentally creating weapons! Every time I tried, I ended up being the slayer of another few dragons. So I decided to get gritty. I created a weapon, which was so useless, it fired backwards! I had an evil grin upon my face and I sat there all day drawing. Finally it was complete. A weapon so deadly it only killed it's users! I put a 'finished' sign on the picture and went to my workroom cabin. I slept soundly that night.
I awoke and found my picture gone. Instead there was a note. It read

We looked at your picture. The builder has built it. Since you have made so many good weapons, we are going to give you a chance to be the first to use your weapon! We will meet you at Midday today. Signed The Wizard