The turkey was really gross
The mashed potatoes tasted like snot
Everyone says "mmm there good!"
But we all know they're really not

The parade is really lame
Just a bunch of people in the street
maybe one of them will trip
Imagine them falling on the concrete

It's a waste of money
Buying all this food
Sick of eating turkey
That wobbles around nude

I hate watching football
Hearing the old men scream
They all need anger management

Id rather it be Easter
So I could chase the bunny
Chasing naked dead turkeys
Just isn't quiet as funny

Can't we skip all the laughter?
All the family and the pie
I'll take the turkey up to my room
And see if it can fly

This holiday isn't for me
Can't fake a smile for this long
I have no idea what's happening
So I can't pretend to laugh along

So everyone else eat up
I'll wish you a Happy Turkey day
Just know that I'm wishing
That the turkey will fly away