I used to curse the constant noise in my house,
Now there's only silence, something's wrong,
And no one dares speak a word.

He got hurt, and it's her fault,
But no one's got the strength to say anything,
Just hold him close and hope he pushes through.

I've never been so scared; I tremble at every thought,
That he may be scarred for life, that he may go away,
And that he would never grow up to be what I thought he would.

I dare not move, this terror cannot be expressed with tears,
All I can do is hope and pray, yet I have no religion,
But now I ask, if there is someone out there, that he be spared.

Grief, anger, fright, incomparable to the pain he must feel,
So little, so fragile, I can't see that little angry spirit,
That always used to quarrel, no matter what I said.

Parents feel helpless, so they turn on each other,
Trying to sort their feelings out, searching for help,
Looking for an answer to their questions.

Incertitude is the worst enemy here,
What if those doubts turn to anger, turn to hate,
And then all crumbles and we break?

He won't die, but will he still be my little brother,
Or will he turn into a pretty cage, for a damaged soul?
I will stand by him, but what will happen when I'm not there?

That's why he must get better, from this accident,
So sudden, so unexpected, yet so painful for us all,
Not knowing the end makes it impossible to bear.

Now all I want is this silence to end,
To see him shout, run; wake me up at 7 on the weekends,
Jump and come hug me, and plead with me to let him do what he shouldn't.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
AN: oh.*wails*.this is a bit more dramatic then I meant it to be, but I
wanted it to be able to fit more situations than just my own. My little
five year old brother, fell on his head from what must be a meter and a
half high, which is way taller than him, and now he just cries and says it
hurts.and the doctors just say wait and see what's going to happen..I'm so
scared. But..I wanted this to be able to refer to accidents like those,
only more lethal even.I hope that, if something like that ever happens to
one of your relatives it all works out fine. Love, Mia.