Between Me and Myself





I am not what I used to be

Considerate, compassionate…social

Able to befriend anyone

Able to converse with others

Being true to all and me.


But, this mask I wear

Imprisons my true self in a cage

Hidden in the shadows,

Through the shroud of cold sweat

Living one life while the other is on pause

Like a break in between a video game.


Sitting inside my head, keeping to myself

Aloof, bitter, hesitant…alone

Act like I don't care and be happy

When inside, I feel distant and unwanted

From everyone…


"Smile and nod," my conscience calls out

"And everyone will know you're fine—

Be polite and say pleasant words,

And maybe there'll still be a chance,

To fit in."


Rocking back and forth

Lonely, with no one to go to

In this imaginary world of mine

No one else knows but me

Of this feeling, I withhold inside.

Everyone is unaware.


I've masked myself well

Another job well done

Have earned myself no pity

Just breezed through another dispirited day

The ugliness within me left untouched

Life as a living tall tale…