I pouted silently in my corner scowling at my evil mother. She wouldn't let me have a cookie before dinner. My mom left the room and went up the stairs to her room. I yelled back at her, "I may be 5 but I can do what I want!" she just ignored me. As I walked over to the fridge a faint tinkling noise came from behind me. I turned and gaped at what I saw. It was the fairy godmother from Cinderella! Cinderella was my favorite story ever! My father would read it to me every night before I fell asleep. I stared in awe as she said in her gentle voice just how I imagined it, "Hello Rebecca. I am.. Well of course you know who I am in your favorite book." In my complete awe I managed a few words, "How. did.. you ..know?" She chuckled at me like I was stupid and then said, "I'll explain later. But for now I will tell you that you have been chosen to be granted one wish and one wish only. Now you understand, right? You can wish for anything your heart's desire. Close your eyes and think really hard what you want." I kept myself from bursting with excitement by thinking the only thing I truly wanted then. "No, child you don't really want that do you?" said the now disappointed fairy, her shoulders now sagging. "Ok your wish." She said shrugging off her sagging shoulders. "Bibbty Bobbty Boo!" I felt a light drop in my hand. "Is that what you wanted Rebecca?" I opened my eyes smiling. Yes! It was what I wanted. A cookie!