"Girl in Chains"

She mustn't fall down, she cannot talk
She may not run, she must walk
She can't break away, she'll always be the same
It is her fate, forever chained...

No mistakes she must be
Don't talk to him, that would be bad
She stands up straight and smiles at no one
She makes a face and she wants to run...
She cannot.

She sits down, tries to frown, she's
Not allowed
She looks so pale, and she can't fail
She's fading away...

She's fading away, though partly alive...
She must be okay, no suicide.

She can't lift her arms
This has gone too far
She feels the pain, she is wrapped in chains
So cold, so tight, her wrists bleed
She opens her mouth...
But she cannot scream.

Frozen still, with a smile
He's walking by...
He's walking on
"Hello," he says, but she cannot talk
"Why are you here alone? What have you done to yourself?"
He asks...
She doesn't reply
She couldn't have him before, surely not now.

He carries her away
What happened to the chains?
They are gone.

And he gets so happy
For now she is free
"I love you," he speaks, then he repeats, eyes her suspiciously,
"Why don't you love me?"

But now that's she's in control,
Love him she won't
For she is capable of dying
And capable of trying
To end it all
And before he can blink
Much like the chains, she becomes gone.