By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had began on Thanksgiving,
Which was after a man named Adam Stubing
And his family had returned to his old home
Town of Berea,Ohio with a tome,
Which was entitled 'A Truly Romantic Thing'.

After he had said 'hi' to his mom and dad
And had the finest cup of punch that he ever had,
Adam had gone into the living room,sat down
And began to wonder who else was in town,
For he was suddenly feeling bad.

The reason why he was feeling that way
Was because on one particular day
In 1996,he had graduated from Berea High School
And was about to do what he thought was a cool
Idea--to go on a trip to UCLA starting Monday.

But after I've told my friends about
My future plans,my steady girlfriend was feeling left out,
For she had figured that we should get married and
Live together in a place that was so grand.
But after that plan had fell through,she began to pout.

And so,whenever I had thought about what I should've done
On that day,I've kept on wondering where Jessica Dunn
was staying at,so that I could go over there
And tell her that I was ready to handle her with care
And allow ourselves to finally become as one.

But after I've found out where
She was and had gone over there
To see her,it was too late,for she
Had married a guy who was better-looking than me.
So,I've just said 'hi' and walked away from there.