This is a poem about me when I was younger

The fear is overwhelming.
The walls seem to be closing in on me.
What's that!?!?!?!?
Light flashes in my room.
I pulled the cover over my head.
Trembling in fear as the ground shakes.
I whine but no one hears me.
I feel the burning hot tears trickling down my face.
The light flashes again shortly followed by a boom.
Like on cue the pounding hard rain comes.
I force my violently shaking body out of the bed,
And walk slowly flinching at every boom of the thunder.
My mother lay in her bed sleeping peacefully no idea at all,
What is going on outside our home
The wind chimes clinking together widely as I slowly crawled into my
mother's bed.
My fears subsided a little but it was not gone completely.
I look at her and think I wish I were deaf right now.