Sky's Tears

With serenity, all the days are made lovely,
Like this-
Looking at the rain beyond the balcony,
Fall like gushing tears, once,
Oppressed by the dam.

It can't be helped,
If once in awhile,
The wall splinters,
And the droplets fall like
Trees, felled by an axe,
Leaving broken stumps.
Fertilizers, for the saturated ground.

The acidity of the lakes,
Seem like a sublime triumph,
Of the gods above.
Faraway, they can afford to be
Indifferent, to the cares
And burdens of us who carry
Tortoise shells on our backs.

Can't let go of the branch,
Or I might fall down, a long way,
Only to be greeted by,
Detached, callous objects of

Perhaps, the sky has a reason to cry.

Written: 05.09.03

A/N: First line has been altered, but I'm still desperately needing criticism and suggestions. And yes, help me; I'm starting to lose understanding of my own pieces.

- ® Pris Yeo ® -