AN: I wrote this while I was lying in bed and watching the stars at night. I always get my inspiration when I'm supposed to be asleep ;)

Star Dance

Through the eternal emptiness of the sky they whirl, dancing to the inexorable music of the very Universe itself. Do they know where they are going? They look down upon the tiny world and they shine, silently watching as the land sleeps below them. Glittering radiantly, glowing with all the purest colours of the rainbow. Beautiful, tiny, sparkling fires. Drops of liquid beauty in the infinite darkness of the heavens. Can they see me, way down here? One day I will fall into the sky, and I will join them. Then I too will float through the night, silently watching, waiting, and dancing to the unheard music. I will shine. I will join the stars on their journey, though there was no beginning and there is no destination.

Before the world was born, they danced. The music is there now, in the very essence of the sky. It is a beautiful thing, this celestial music of the stars. Eternal, unchanging, yet never the same. It shimmers, shifting, that one may hear it like a distant memory, hovering always on the border of our grasp.

They sing to us, the stars. Not to our ears, but to our soul. And if we choose to listen, then we will hear the music. If we choose to watch, we will see the dance. And then one day we will know the secret of the stars, and then we will sparkle like rainbow fire in the soft black velvet of the sky.

The soul will return to its home.