The song lyrics at the end are from Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles".


She sat all alone on the hilltop and watched the sunrise. The morning air was still and silent around her, and yet it was filled with an uplifting sense of new beginnings.

The cool breeze that so often accompanies the rising of the sun whispered through her long hair. She clasped her hands around her knees to keep in the warmth as she watched the golden touch of sunlight creep up the side of the hill below her feet.

As the light grew around her she shed a single tear. It slid slowly down one cheek, hovered for a second, and then fell sparkling to the ground to be absorbed by the earth. It was not really a tear of sadness; she had come through the darkness of the night and she was here now to witness the rebirth and the coming of the morning.

That tear was to acknowledge everything that she had been through. The feelings and the emotions she had experienced.

She was tired of crying now. She had no more tears left to give. And so she simply sat with the cool green grass beneath her and the warm glow of the sun on her face.

Flopping backwards with a sigh, she gazed upwards into the depths of the clear blue heavens above her.

"If I could fall into the sky,

Do you think time would pass me by?"