I spot you in the corner of the classroom,
And rehearse the lines I made.
My heart pounds as I draw closer,
As if I'm preparing for a raid.

I'm right next to you, smelling your scent.
You look up from your work, and smile.
I greet you, and you greet me,
I admire your work that took you a while.

I draw a deep breath, and hold it in.
I know what's coming, but you don't know.
I'm going to ask you out, this is true,
But will it all end in woe?

After plucking up my courage,
I ask you 'Will you go out with me?'
You seem a little shocked, and shy.
I love you, can't you see?

But I never said it, but I should've.
You pause for a moment, and think,
My heart pounds because I love you,
You pause, and i won't even blink.

Alas, you answer my heart-felt question,
But the answer is "sorry, but no."
You get up and walk away.
I want to say "Don't go..."

But I don't. I die inside.