Often, I would look at the stars
But my eyes always drift to Mars.
It's red colour attracts my attention,
And gives me a tingling sensation.

I guess the reason is because of her;
Red is her most favourite colour.
I love her so much, more than my life
Yet it causes me so much strife.

When I think of her, my mind's a blurr;
For the disease of love, there is no cure.
Love her I do, love me she don't.
Forget her they say, but my heart won't.

I want to kiss her gentle lips,
And to hold her by her supple hips.
I want to caress her flowing blonde hair,
I stare into her green eyes, that are so rare.

But, alas, she won't let me,
The goodness in me, see can't see.
I guess I should think "her loss, not mine"
And I'll forget her, after some time.

But she lingers in my head,
Especially when I'm in my comfy bed.
I guess I'll get over her, as I pass some cars.
I just won't be looking too much at Mars.