China doll, so perfect
With your piercing blue eyes
Peering down at me
From high up on Momma's shelf
I can never touch you
In case you might break
So I simply look at you
And your cold, glass eyes
Oh, how I wish I could play with you
And feel your smooth, porcelain skin
But I can't
I can never take the chance
That I might hurt you
Even though dolls are meant to be loved
And cherished and played with
Momma says you're worth too much
Worth even more than I am
So I leave you alone,
An ageless porcelain figure
In your dust covered gown
To stay there for eternity
Even as I continue to grow
For days, months and finally years
Until I have finally grown old enough
To have children of my own
I often sit and wonder about that doll
Did it really mean more to Momma than I did?
I guess it doesn't really matter
Because now that I have little kids of my own
I can tell them all about
The little, porcelain doll
And when they ask me
"Why couldn't you hold it?"
All I say is that
Momma's little, china doll
Meant a lot to her
But it doesn't matter now
Because I have my own
China doll
And you can play with her
Whenever you please
Just please remember
That I love you more
And you are worth more
Than any China Doll
In the world