The Beast

Halithen walked across the dark expanse that was the beast's lair, being careful to walk so that his movements were not heard. His left foot landed on the floor with a resounding crunch, which caught him unaware, he jumped and had to remind himself not to cry out in surprise. Bones of previous adventure-seekers littered the cave. He was on the verge of panic; did he wake the beast? He stood there, his feet rooted to the spot, as if his legs were in voluntarily waiting for the answer. Nothing. No sounds, just a distant snoring.

Relief flooded over him, he sighed thankfully, and softly walked on. Even in the dark he could spot a large sleeping mass a ways ahead of him. As he walked closer, he was able to verify that this was what he had come for. He walked even closer still; only now he treaded even more cautiously; ready to bolt at a seconds notice. He could now see the beast almost perfectly, its leathery wings folded around its body; it rested in a deep slumber, almost looking peaceful. He shook his head as if he was trying to get the thought out of his head. No, this beast was not peaceful, at least not when awakened. If woken up it would ravage the land with a mighty, relentless, and rampant vengeance. This is why the beast had to be slain.

Halithen stepped up to the beast, watching to make sure it didn't awaken. He raised his sword, ready to strike at its neck, the weakest spot on the beast. Just when he was about to strike, the beast opened one eye and released an inferno, reducing Halithen to ash in seconds. His sword clanged to the ground. The beast cast a quick glance around its lair for more intruders; and than lied back down, closing its eyes once again.