A Cowboy's Rope
By:Andrew Troy KeIler

As far back as I could remember,
Each and every one of us is a dreamer--
And no matter how crazy it seems,
We should always follow our dreams
And hope that they don't turn into real bummers.

One of those who had high hopes
To follow her dreams while not becoming a dope
Was a former stock market
Seller named Wanda Larroquette,
Whose dreams were attached to a cowboy's rope.

She had dreamed to become a rodeo star
And she had traveled to a city that was far
Away from where she had used to work
At--the Wall Street section of New York
City,where she really wasn't a star.

The city was the Texas city of Houston,
Where she had ran into a man named Stetson--
As in Billy Joe Stetson,one of the many stars
Of the Garner Brothers Barbeque Restaraunt And Bar.
One look and she had fallen in love with Billy Joe Stetson.

So,in a way,Wanda's dreams had came true,
For she had married a rodeo star who is true blue.