Shouldn't Be That Way

They say that girls shouldn't be that way

Wrong to hide, wrong to trust

Wrong that they lied, never have fussed

The world isn't equal, even today

All claims that people are non-biased and fair

Would never be cruel, would never harm

When straights rule, the different cause alarm

Oh, but we promise not to ever sit and stare

Natalie should stop complaining, shouldn't she?

Stop the tears; stop the revolt

Have no fears, we'll tell an adult

When she has every right to be so angry

She should be grateful she's never shown a scar

Never had a bruise, never been torn

But she'll always lose, for being born

Inside her soul is where the deepest wounds are

She can't even sit down in her class

Can't learn, can't speak her mind

One boy shows concern they left her behind

The lesbians are the ones they always harass

They think if a girl can get her, anyone can

Why pick her, why not like boys

Why can't they lure, they see you as toys

She took all her books, her pens, and she ran

She goes home and watches her TV

Runs from her life, runs from that kid

Never be a wife, she knows what he did

A single tear streams down at what she will see

Some boys just love her for dating a bi

Love that is fake, love unrequited

Too much at stake, too unexcited

They'd rather her deny it, and live a lie

Why can't that girl just learn to be straight?

Deny who she became, deny her fears

Deny being lame, deny for her peers

She tried that, and it didn't work so great

She's sorry if she broke a law or transgressed

She must be bad, she must be wrong

She's just been sad, all along

But she's just tried to do her best

People shallowly smile and pretend to understand

Pretend they care; pretend they give

Pretend to be fair; they want her to live

She can't take it anymore; it's time to take a stand

She may never gain the rights to marry whom she likes

Wed who she desires, wed at all

Wed without fires and shame to ruin it all

Without the closed-minded calling them dykes

She just isn't the way that she is by choice

Not her thoughts, not her decision

It has hurt her lots, public opinion

One group that doesn't have the free voice