Ripped Apart A little girls tears,

Entrust her between years,

The lonley cat's cry,

Won't let it die,

The fish that never stray,

Will always have to pay,

The girl that won't bleed,

Will always stay the seed,

Her eyes,

Her hair,

Her smile,

Her stare,

I can't find it all,

Maybe just the frown,

I see her wear,

But something's there,

She crys to the cuts,

That chain her,

She howls to the demons,

Who taint her,

Something in her,

Makes me hold on,

Fight now,

Before it's gone,

I'm so afraid,

Don't let go,

What you mean to us,

You will never know,

I don't see why,

I so much care,

But it's your disicion,

If you're still there,

I know I don't know,

I'm sure I'm not right,

But I can't undo the wrongs,

That follow our flight,

Under eagle's wings,

We fall apart,

What comes to an end,

Comes to a start,

So hold on,

You know who you are,

You're somehow a hero,

But in otherways an empty star,

What happened to the light,

That I used to see,

What happened to you,

And the person I wanted to be,

I could say you didn't help me,

But it would be a lie,

Because I wanted so much to repay you,

That I led your silent cry,

You held me up,

When everything would die,

And you don't see,

That your grave is such a lie,

For one who believes so strongly,

That faith can never dim,

I'm losing hope,

Never to come again,

So save us all,

Don't turn back,

Not all you see,

Is all you lack,

You mean so much,

I don't know why,

But it feels like you're someone there,

Everytime I cry,

So don't leave me,

I can't let you die,

Is it the truth,

Or may I pray that this poem's a lie,

I can't let you go,

I won't let you die