The Life of Aalen
"Dawn approaches, sneaking through the sky, as if it is trying to surprise us again, but we are so used to it being there that we don't even seem to notice. Sure once you're reminded of how much you take it for granted you start appreciating it, but your appreciation lasts only until they leave." The man speaking paused, as if it pained him just to speak, then continued in a somewhat more breathless tone, as though he could not find the energy to talk,"I am very old, and disturbed, but I know this Aalen, sunset may seem to be the same old thing every day, but no matter what even though it's always the same routine it will never give up and it will never forget you. It is the only true thing in this world that you can count on never to leave you behind."The man wheezed before taking a long sip of something yellowish gold. "Never trust anyone unless they know that." "Gorge what if you have to teach them not they teach you."said the young man by his side. "Well I guess then you'll have to live with it but Aelan you must understand that not all people are trust worthy in this world I haven't turned you in but you never know if I will or won't. Don't leave anything to chance." said the old man speaking in the same croaky tone. " A criminal that's what you think I am don't you."said Aelan in a tearful tone "just because I made some mistakes doesn't make me a criminal" "Aelan you can't keep denying what ch'you did no matter how bad it seems. You are a darn right criminal and ya' can't change that. And protectin' your secret by slaughtering the people who figure it out won't change that."said the old man. "You gotta come clean someday and face your consequences. You'd be a darn fool to try not to." "But I'd be wasting my life away in prison"he said in response clearly insulted. "Better den' running all your life... Come on now Aelan you know I'm right."said the old man. "Fine"said Aelan as he stormed out of the room. He couldn't take it he knew that if he did turn himself in then he would lose everything he had worked so hard to fix. So many times he wished he could just change what he did but you can't go backward only forward. Too many people don't understand that until they forget to live in the present. One careless mistake led to another like a set of dominoes. He sat down by the fire to think himself to sleep only to understand the true meaning of a dead end. That's where he was only he couldn't go backwards to change his path. Now he would only have to decide what to do to get out of it. He knew his two options and which one he should take but he was so afraid of it. Maybe the old man was wrong. Maybe things could be just like before, he could settle down somewhere far away, maybe even somewhere close to town. He would become someone else and live their life instead of his. He couldn't. Being yourself is hard enough, being someone else is impossible. What would happen to him? He looked out at the sky, and he knew. He couldn't avoid it anymore. P.S. This is a story with a lot of different stories in it, this story will be continued throughout the story. (Yes I did read this for a writing class performance, but I liked it so I'll put it up in a lot of different places. Okay so I'll just put it up and then read it out loud a few times but ah well.)