Tears run down your cheeks and I feel so selfish
How can I cry when my pain is nothing to yours
I feel so helpless while you suffer
I want to comfort you but I dont know how

I wish there was a way to wipe away your tears
To make them go away forever so that you wont hurt
I wish that your pain could be transfered to me
My pillow is used to being soaked

I would do anything to make you happy
and yet you are breaking down now
I want to tell you that I love you
But I'm scared to let you know how I feel

How can I show you how I feel
Is there anyway to thank you for the months
You've stayed by my side for so long
And I can't even bring myself to thank you

I can't help the tears that flow when i'm with you
They're there because i'm grateful, and happy
I can see that it hurts you to watch me cry
Please understand that they aren't because of pain

I look at these fading scars on my body
I remember days when cutting was the cure to pain
I guess in a way, in a morbid sense, they are my thanks to you
A thanks for saving me from what I had become

No words could express how grateful I am
When I try to explain, my words are misinterperated
So look at these fading scars and let them be a reminder
Let them thank you for all you have done