The Voices in my Head

Little child.
Soon I will be gone.
Pour those pills down the sink, yes,
and you won't hear me anymore.
You could pour them
down your throat, yes,
and then you won't ever
have to remember (HER)
Oh, woman-child,
how could you so stray
from your destined path?
What has led you
to this uncanny life
of lies/deceit and misery?
are no longer an option,;
no longer real.
Where am I,
you ask?
I am in the World of Non,
the life of mine
gone, lost forever.
Can I be rescued?
The answers/hero is unclear.
You must find it (him/her)
Can you escape
from the hole you dug yourself
Will you stand up
and steo out of the coffin
closing over your mind.
Release me,
release yourself,
and one day
you will find salvation.

A.N.~Shhhhhh... Don't worry, I'm not really crazy. Sorta...