Into the Lupine Mind:

I prowl the night. Ever watching, ever waiting.
I await the light of the bright full moon to bathe over my body.
And then it comes, breaking through the tops of the tall dark trees.
Pain overwhelms my body; a haze comes over my eyes.
My hands grow claws and lupine fur spreads over me.
My back begins to arch, and I am on four legs instead of two.
I howl at the treacherous moon,
For it has brought nothing but pain and suffering in my life.
Then the wolf's mind takes control.
I become the puppet of a wicked puppeteer.
I want nothing but to inflict the same pain into others; to murder to kill.
I've found my prey.
The smell of blood in fresh, for he is wounded.
The smell makes me wild, my mouth begins to water.
I no longer have any control.
Now he is dead, lying at my feet and I don't care.
All I want is my revenge,
For I live the life of a werewolf;
That's all my kind ever wants.
But night isn't over, dawn has yet to arrive.
If I were you I'd watch my back.