I sit waiting for the bus, alone; expressionless; blank eyes blinking

The swarm of people do not notice me as they walk by, preoccupied

But one can learn a great deal by simply watching the world in silence

And mastering the arts of observation and eavesdropping

Society whizzes by in a fast-paced mosaic of cars and buses

Which release invisible columns of carcinogenic smoke

That effortlessly choke and poison the unsuspecting hordes

In their mini-skirts and baggy shorts, until all are a walking virus

Some melodious pieces of classical music play in the background

But nobody cares about harmony, and it is quickly drowned out

By the enthralling gossip of whose boyfriend is cheating with their brother's girlfriend

While the occasional roaring motorbike speeds by

An ageing lady who does not look to be the seventy-four years I later hear her claim to be

Sits near me, momentarily interrupting my analysis of this mad animal farm

(I often contemplate how much youths could benefit from taking the elderly more seriously)

But then we go our separate ways and our paths will probably never cross again

It comes to my attention that something is floating by in the clear blue sky

So blue is the sky that it could be the sea and we might really be living in a world turned upside-down

My eyes focus in on the unidentified object, it could be a plane, a kite, or a UFO for all I know

All I can say for certain is that it floats past and out of my sight, free

It's back to the honking horns, backstabbing and BEEP BEEP BEEP vocabulary

Oh, and someone just shouted out about turning off that useless music

Yes, I conclude that I am lost in a commercialist smog in which I don't belong

And since I don't have that golden key to get out, I am trapped

So, I see that this greed and lust for a materialistic heaven has corrupted

The very essence of individual personality and now we all fit the sad stereotype

Of a society teetering on the edge of a dangerous state of innocence

Or perhaps I am mistaken and it is nothing but a terminal case of social insanity

Whatever the case, it has taken me only fifteen painstakingly long minutes

To become acquainted with the madness that is referred to as humanity

And I don't like what I see pass before me, it's making my vision increasingly blurred

The chaos and disregard, the chatter and noise, the lack of awareness and knowledge

But who am I to talk so self-righteously about the sight laid before me

About this crumbling, decaying world that, at the moment, I am a reluctant part of

For do I not join the crowds? I do, and on doing so, I see my reflection in the bus

And know it is only a temporary state of "awareness" I am in

Still, I am not noticed on the bus and the seat next to me is left empty, so I continue

Watching silently, listening carefully and shaking my head every so often in sadness and disgust

My journey is ending...I am pleasantly surprised, I am tired and a fire burns in the distance

Thank goodness this bus-ride is over

AUTHOR'S NOTE: A social comment inspired by the scene before me as I waited for my bus. Bored, I put my brain to use for once and occupied myself for the next fifteen minutes creating this poem, and the next thirty minutes on the bus trying to remember it. Which I did. The scene was still clear in my head a few hours later as I finished writing this. It all just flowed. I guess I really had something to say. Anyway, the main thoughts are in the poem so no further explanation is needed. Please review. Greatly appreciated :)