My Bloody Valentine

"Todo bueno que una persona haga a otro vuelve de tres dobleces en esta vida; el daño se vuelve también de tres dobleces."

"An it harm none, do what thou wilt."

Only the feeling of melancholy can compare to the feeling of love. When you're in love, you will go to the ends of the world for a person. Whatever they ask of you, you do, because you love them. You don't have second thoughts about it; you don't regret it, because you know it was an act of love. Even if you love a person, and they're with someone else, you will do anything for them. You will do anything to be with them. It may drive you to the depths of insanity, but you will do it.

My story is no different. 'Twas thirteen years ago on this very Valentine's Day of February fourteenth I do remember. It was unseasonably warm in my small town of Manassas, Virginia. The sun shone brightly that day as I recall, the warmth up into the fifties. There was an abnormally light wind for such a place as Manassas, we were close to the sea, and close to the mountains, and usually had brisk winds at this time of year. Because of this unexpected warmth, there were no white crystals on the ground, nor would I see another for the rest of my life.

I awoke that morning as I had always done. I had always gone about my ritual in the morning, for I feared if I didn't, bad luck was soon to follow. I had clothed my body from head to toe, and walked down my stairs into my small, dark kitchen.

For someone as myself, it was a bit cramped. I stood just over six foot tall, and weighed about as much as a young deer in the winter. My pigment was a quite white tone. My shoulders were not broad by any means, but I did have some muscle. I was at the fresh age of twenty-four years young. I looked in the mirror to look at myself and gazed into my own eyes. They seemed a bit gray today. My eyes would change by mood. At times they were gray, others blue, and even hazel or emerald from time to time.

I opened my icebox and took out a slab of meat leftover from the night prior. I placed it into my pan and turned the small stove on. In the meantime, I walked outside to pick up my morning news and breathed the air of the morning. It smelled of corruption and hypocrisy today, as it had for the months and years past. I slowly walked back into the small house, and shut the door. The fresh smell of meat elated my senses. As I arrived back into the kitchen, I turned the stove off and placed my breakfast on my plate. I open today's news and began to read.

The headline at top read "Valentine's Day today." I had nearly forgotten my plans for the day until I read this. I quickened my pace for reading and eating to get about my day. I brushed my teeth and threw on my top hat and proceeded to take my walk outside.

I saw into many lovers' households, with children by my side, and I sighed. "I had a chance to be like them." I thought to myself as I continued to walk. It had been merely three months now since I had lost her. She was everything a man could ever want in a woman. Her beauty, both inside and out, was priceless. Her long flowing, ebony hair was as silken as the finest dress in the world. Her eyes were as beautiful as the finest gem, and sparkled as bright as the finest diamond. I was four years her elder. Her parents had given her the name of Melody. We had met through a friend who had thrown a party in early June the year prior to this story. We had fallen in love, and seemed destined for eternal commitment. But one fall evening, she had told me of disturbing news that she could not be with me anymore. She had fallen for another man, a richer, and better known man. I recall her saying that we could still be friends, but nothing more.

For anyone who has been in love once, and have had their hearts broken, they know being friends does not cut it. Even if you enjoy the times you have with them, your heart bleeds, bends, and folds for the fact that you cannot share it with the person. There is always something missing, from the point of it ending on. The only way one could fill that void is to find what they have lost, and reinsert it. There are no substitutes; there is only one match.

I may not have shown it in my expression, but I was very much going insane with need. At night I stayed up late and looked outside my window for hours on end. Spilling my heart and soul to the stars and the moon, the only things that would listen and understand. My only lover was an inanimate object that shouldn't have been capable of love. I had thought through every plan imaginable to rid the world of Melody's new lover, but was unable to find one that worked to my advantage. Finally, I had stumbled upon a full-proof nocturnal muse.

Today was the day to carry it out. It would by my gift to Melody for Valentine's Day. I gathered my materials together for the evening, for everything needed to be perfect if I was to have this work out. Finally, the dial was on six, and I had left my house and slid into my old automobile.

I drove down to the local theater and waited for Melody to arrive with her date. I followed them into the theater, about seven people behind to keep my distance. I sat five rows behind the two during the show, and watched their every move. It broke my heart more to see them embrace, but gave me further inspiration to go though what I was to do this evening. Finally the show ended, and I again followed the two, keeping my identity a secret. They had gotten into his vehicle, and I mimicked the same into mine.

He had finally arrived at her house, and embraced once more goodnight. He slowly sped away, and I followed him. When he finally pulled into his house, I turned off my lights and slowly rolled up to his residence. He was already inside and ready to peer once more into the world of dreams. I knew what had to be done, and I knew that this dream would be a never-ending one for him. I snuck inside though his opened bedroom window. It was still unseasonably warm out, as the rain clouds opened up and sent gentle pellets of substance to the ground. I crept towards his bed, but fumbled at a loose shoe, and fell. At once, he awoke from his slumber and turned on his light.

"Who are you? And what do you want from me?" He asked.

"I am in love, and I want my life back." I responded.

"I'll give you anything, money, anything, please just don't kill me!" The man exclaimed.

He was quite helpless now. I pondered as I looked at him. He was the root of all my pain, my hatred, and my doom. He was the reason why I was lacking. I had come this far, and there was no turning back.

"There is nothing you can give me that will ever repay the suffering you have caused." I muttered as I walked towards him. I pulled out my inanimate lover, for after this I would not need it any longer, and struck down upon his chest. He tried to scream with pain, but I put my hand over his mouth and savored his struggle. Again and again I thrust down on him as a sea of red began to form around him. I looked strangely at his face, and remembered his embraces towards Melody. They were not deserving of her, thought I. Slowly I took my old lover and sliced them off. Now he was unable to love and embrace, but his words could still be spoken. Finally, I reached down his mouth, grabbed hold of the long pipe, and tugged it back out though his mouth.

My work was done. I walked back to my vehicle as it began to rain harder than before. I arrived home and called Melody. I told her I had seen a man venture to her new lover's house with an object in hand. I was not sure what he was doing there, but told her that I think she needed to call him. Five minutes later, I received a call from Melody once more. She was calling from her lover's house. She noted the police and flashy lights. I looked outside as the rain came down so hard that night. I tried to consul her, and tell her everything would be fine. But she wouldn't listen and just continued to ask why her lover was dead, and who killed him.

Finally, I knew that this was the moment to give her my gift. I continued to look out the window as I said, "Oh my love, please don't cry. I'll wash my bloody hands and we'll start a new life."

"What do you mean?" Melody asked.

Inside my heart began to fill anew with love, joy, and happiness. "He dropped you off I followed him home. Then I stood outside his bedroom window. Standing over him he begged me not to do, what I knew, I had to do, because I'm so in love you with."

"But how?" She choked out.

"I ripped out his throat, and called you on the telephone to take of my disguise." I said simply. "I don't know much at all, I don't know wrong from right. All I know is that I love you tonight."

I finished just in time to hear her cry. She understood now. Once more she could be mine, and once more I could be complete. I drove back to his house, and saw Melody standing in the rain. No longer was her hair flowing elegantly. Her cheeks were black with runoff from the mascara. Her eyes had become dismal and black. I walked over to her and put my arm around her. She jumped and turned to face me. She stared into my eyes with her own, turn, and ran away to an officer. She pointed my way, as the officer walked over to me.

"Good evening, officer." I said with a smile.

"G'evening," He said. "The girl over there says that you killed her lover, is this true?"

"Every single part." I smirked. "'Twas my Valentine's gift to her."

"Don't get smart with me." He frowned.

I looked at him dumbfounded. "But I'm not. I killed him. I wanted Melody to myself; I wanted her to fill my void. I stabbed him, cut his lips, and ripped his throat out."

With that, the officer threw me against his car, and put my hands behind my back. He placed cuffs on my wrists so that I could not move them, and threw me into the car.

I remember the next morning, I saw another officer reading the paper. Through my cage I could view the headline, "A Lover Died." I knew that Melody would come and get me from this place. She just had to, for I had her heart now, and she, mine.

Thirteen long years ago that happened. I am still here, waiting, knowing that Melody will come and take me away from here. When you're in love you will do anything for your partner. There is no such thing as an extreme as long as it is an act of love. I know that Melody still loves me, and will come. I know it. Maybe she will come today, as she mourns the death of her bloody Valentine.