Title: My Blue Flowered Dress
Author: Heather P.

One day I will wear that dress,
The blue little one,
with the tender white flowers and slim waist.
I will smile without these damn cheeks getting in the way
and it will be dazzling.
Summer breezes will ruffle the fabric of my dress all year,
despite the changing of the seasons;
Because it will not matter to me anymore.
Time will behave differently in those days,
When I am older.
But how much older must I be to have the respect of an adult?

Will it be a total of one minute,
that I am the perfect age?
Where is the middle point between the phase of young woman and spinster?
What is the shelf life of youth?
Where is the expiration date stamped?
I would like to see it, please.
And when will I be carefree enough to wear my blue dress,
That has waited long enough in my closet?
I swear . . .
One of these years, it will happen.