There is a black screen. The battle cries of the wounded 
 can be heard.....We hear the sound of a charged particle 
 cannon being powered up. 

 The words: The strength of a man was tested.

 You fools! You should have killed 
 him when you had the chance!

 The words: By an empire whose ruthless aggression, knows no 

 (Laughs cynically)

 The words: Now the shift of power is being threatened.....By 
 a man whose strength has no limits. We hear the aura of a 
 warrior ignite.


 Do you feel you feel 
 all that energy.......

 It's only the beginning.

 The words: The spirit of a warrior can never be tamed. 

 The voice of man speaks the words: 

 Hidden Karma: Jade Legion 2. Wishes are eternal...........

 The words: Coming soon.......... displays on the screen.