I'm struggling with my emotions
They want to be free
They stamp their feet in irritation
Toss their proud heads in annoyance
The reins are slipping from my cold fingers
Numbed by your deceit
You lied you bastard
Now look what you have done
You have woken the wild horses
The stallions beneath my skin
See them rearing and plunging
Hooves and manes in flames
I'm struggling to contain them
Flailing for the dangling reins
Your lies and non-truths
Have broken my heart
And left the stable gate ajar
Can't you see my emotions?
Spoiling for the charge
My beautiful black stallions are on the warpath
They are after your blood, spurred on by your deceit
And all the pain you have caused me.
The reins have slipped from my grasp
I have lost control
Even the silver blade stained with my blood
Can't stop the horses now
Great stallions of anger
Slender mares of hurt
Young foals of hatred
Are all set free by your lies.
Your constant deceit has opened the stable
Now my stallions of torrid emotions
Are running wild and free
A piece of advice in your ear you bastard
Is run, runaway, flee from here
You cant hold me responsible
For the damage caused to thee
By my rampant emotions
Charging at thee!