Forgotten Resurfaced

Placidly among the walls,

The murder executes.

Ignoring faint and wistful calls,

The silence attributes.

Sliced ribbons and a child's scream

Echo through the night.

But nothing there is left to gleam,

As dark consumes the light.

Haste now makes the killer swoon

Under blackened sky.

Stumbling under icy moon

The sinners ask him why.

He chose the children as his feast

They tainted him with hunger.

Contorting him into a beast

He grows forever younger.

Stalking off towards the hills,

He carries tiny bones.

Evidence of long past kills

The sickness and the moans.

What have you to say to him

Lest he confront you,

Standing on the hillside, grim.

Polished and brand new.