We love to get in trouble. I mean, I don't believe we actually get the meaning of the word NO. From the time we are young; to even adults we make stupid mistakes. And, some of us can get arrested for the stupidest crimes.

I had a friend, a boy of the age of fifteen. What more could I say about him? He acted as if he was five, he wanted to grow a mullet, and he enjoyed nagging girls. One day, he decided to go on his golf course after a long day of rain. He started skimboarding on the golf course, and ended up getting arrested. The police came with the sirens screaming, and they took my friends arms and handcuffed him. His knees started trembling, and all he could think of was, "What will my mom think?"

I'll write a couple things that are stupid to get arrested for dedicated to this boy. My friend, who can always make me laugh in spite of the bad things that go on in every day life. And, I thank him for helping me with the ideas.

Never ever ever ever ever in your life go skinny dipping in your neighbors pool. I mean, if you don't have a pool, and it's a sweat drenching day, going to the pool might sound refreshing. Again, this can be detected as trespassing, and porno if your naked in their pool. This can especially tick off old grannies hunched over with a cane.

Another thing you shouldn't do with your local chums; put a for sale sign in their yard. This can be hysterical, but it also could be dangerous. People will drive by the house thinking, "Wow what a nice house." This can be bad when people start asking your neighbors how much they are selling for. In my opinion, you could easily get handcuffed for this stupid offense.

More stupid crimes? Possibly. This one is random in fact. We all need exercise, especially in America because we seem to be getting fatter and fatter each year. Just stop by the local Walmart past all the trailer parks and fields, and go inside for a fun day. Walk yourself over to the bicycles, and prop your bum on the seat for one dirty ride! Start riding the bike through the aisles one by one. If a Walmart employer asks you to get off, demand, "I'll never get off! I'm getting my exercise!"

This next one is a major offense, but can be very humorous. If a stop is pulled over and out of his car, pull over. Run to his car, open his door step in, and press the gas. You've just taken his car! This will probably get you in jail for sure, but as they say, "Memories are everything"

We love animals… right? Most of us would shed tears from our eyes if we found out that people were shooting animals. The next offense that would send a stupid victim to jail would be shooting squirrels. Yes, the squirrels can pester us, but in reality, what did they ever do to us? An old lady will call and report this one. Those elderly old women want to save the world heck knows what they did when they were a young one.

The next one is sad, but it had to be put on the stupid things to get arrested for list. This one has to do with children. "Oh bother," children you say. A mother will call the police on this one. She'll walk outside with her hair and makeup on perfectly, and her outfit cute and dandy looking out into nature spotting the beautiful tree shading her green lawn. She'll turn her head and see her preppy little boy being hit on the head with a baseball bat by another boy.

So, here we have them folks. It's just a short list on things not to get arrested for. Remember to behave yourself out there; it's one crazy world. Check for updates, there might be a part two to this whole thing if I get any reviews. ?