In a castle, dark and tall
We await our master's call
Sitting upon sharp cold stones
Squinting at the sound of grinding bones

Peering beyond our prison bars
Like looking at the distance from Earth to Mars
We can see the open world in all its beauty
And the glorified life bearing tree

But we've been seduced by a Toad
Who's convinced us there's no other road
That to meet Father, we must wait for a season
Or face the cold, hard path of treason

We've been alienated from Father's love
Oh Heaven, and all above
Bring down this house of flesh and bone
Bring back the light that once shone

Slowly we come to trust
Our "Master" who thrives on dust
We've come to rely on how he blinds
And the way he confuses our minds

Jesus, shatter our way of thinking this day
And guide us back to following Father's way
As Father's breath blows this castle apart
He gently reminds us there's no cost for his heart