Authors Notes: - For this flash fic to make any sense at all I'll have to clear up a few details (though it still wont make that much sense). Donovan is linked to Rave through their souls. He did this to make her his. John made her a vampire (the only of his clan to be allowed to) but in return Donovan owns Rave lock, stock and soul. Because of this if he looses control she'll feel/see/know what's going on in his head/with his body. It doesn't go both ways because Donovan usually has Rave blocked out so he doesn't see/hear/taste/smell/etc what's going on with her. However, he can lower this little shield and peak in on her. BUT that doesn't mean it's a perfect deal :) -- (evil not evil grin) Now onto the story:


Elwyn flipped through the leather bound book with a bored look on his face. He was sitting at the foot of Donovan's plush bed. The sheets were untucked and pushed towards where Elwyn sat, suggesting Donovan had spent the night alone; a truly rare event. From the bathroom came the sounds of a shower. The Sidhe patently waited for his vampiric friend to complete his washing ritual. After reaching the back of the book he carelessly tossed it aside, onto an over stuffed brown leather chair that sat before the fireplace. A small fire had already been started in it and the flames were quickly engulfing the remaining portions of the logs in it.

After casting aside the tome he flopped backwards, lying out on the bed with most of his legs dangling off the edge of it. The sheets bunched up under the small of his back, uncomfortable pressing up against his already bulky leather trench coat. He didn't move, despite his discomfort. Instead he remained stubbornly as he had fallen, more content with the notion of lying down than the actual comfort of the position.

His patiently, was rewarded shortly enough. The shower turned off and moments later Donovan exited the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist. He didn't see Elwyn right away, as his face was covered by part of a towel that he was using to dry off his long dark hair. Notwithstanding, he was perfectly aware of his friends presence. The moment the elf had stepped foot in his room he'd known who it was.

Once his hair was dry enough not to drip on the floor he tossed aside the towel onto the bed, beside Elwyn.

"Hello Elwyn." Donovan announced pleasantly, briefly gracing the Sidhe with a small friendly smile.

Elwyn sat up and pushed the towel away from him, as if it had offended him. "Hello Donovan."

"What brings you here tonight?" He went on, just as pleasantly.

"Boredom. Desire for intelligent conversation." Elwyn shrugged. "So I settled for you."

"Settled? And here I thought you thought highly of me. Or at least considered me better than the ignorant masses." The vampire chortled, removing the barrier of modesty that was his other towel as he moved into his walk in closet.

Elwyn ignored his friend's blasé attitude about nudity and replied dryly: "You did used to be human."

"That was over two thousand years ago." He protested loudly, carefully selecting a pair of silk drawstring pants from a whole row of similar garments.

"That doesn't stop you from being from the human race." The Sidhe countered.

"Pity there isn't any sensitivity training courses that would applicable to you." Donovan sighed, leaving the closet behind as soon as he finished tying the pants into place.

"Would that be anything like 'human appreciation 101'?" Elwyn quipped with a smirk.

"There are many fine details about the human race my friend." He answer, kneeling on the edge of the bed. "Would you stand for a moment please?"

Elwyn stood and turned to face the vampire as he spoke. "Such as?"

"That's an easy answer." Donovan smirked evilly and began to smooth the sheets back to where they belonged.

"Sex doesn't count." He snapped at him, rolling his eyes and stuffing his hands in his coat pockets.

"And why not?"

"Most creatures of the natural world have sex. It isn't a 'special' skill." Elwyn sneered.

"I'll grant you that but when is the last time you saw a Kama Sutra book written by birds?" Donovan chuckled, fluffing the pillows before stepping back from the bed.

"Sticking one foot behind your head, while plowing into some hapless female isn't a special skill either. It's just a waste of time and effort." Elwyn quickly came back with his usual tact and wit.

"Only you would and could describe such an act with that kind of contempt. But as they say these days 'don't knock it till you try it'?" Donovan smirked at his friend, walking past him towards the fireplace.

"Sorry, I'm not of your school of thought: 'it moves, I think it's female, I'll have a bit of fun with it before I eat'." The Sidhe hissed derisively.

"Save for the last part that would apply more to Seth than myself. I do have some standards." Donovan said in a mildly affronted fashion.

"Yeah, whatever." Elwyn rolled his eyes and sat back down, exactly where he'd been sitting before. "Find me a woman to love then I'll make love."

"There is a difference between making love and having sex." Donovan said in a sober voice. "One is much better than the other."

"Then why bother wasting your time with the second option?"

He sighed and leaned against the mantle over the fireplace, plucking a card off of it. Donovan spoke while he looked over the greeting card. "Because the first is hard to find and the second is a good way to keep oneself busy while searching for the aforementioned love."

"If such a thing exists." Elwyn grumbled, pulling a cigarette from his coat.

"You know as well as I do that it does. You're just being cynical. And don't smoke in here." Donovan said in one breath, his voice hardly changing in tone as he switched conversational gears.

"Yeah, yeah. I love my kids and friends." Elwyn didn't verbally respond to Donovan's order but didn't light the cigarette. Instead he flipped it between his fingers. Letting it ride along his knuckles as he turned it end over end. When Donovan didn't continue speaking right away he looked over at him and raised an eyebrow. "What reason do you have to keep believing in it?"

"How could I not? I'm surrounded by it." Donovan bemoaned, putting the card back in place, sitting half open, the inside pointed at the room. It was a father's day card, sighed by David.

Elwyn studied the unassuming gift and smiled slightly. "I see." He smirked.

"Huh? What?" Donovan blinked at him then to the card. "Oh that… that wasn't what I was speaking of."

"Then what? Or should I say who?"

The vampires face softened and he smiled faintly. "Young love is truly the sweetest love."

"Come again?" Elwyn asked, raising a graceful eyebrow.

He chuckled. "Rave and John. They veritably glow with love when together."

Elwyn snorted. "Please. More like young lust."

"No, you forget, I can easily touch in on either one of their minds. I know truth from fiction." Donovan shook his head slightly. His eyes grew distant for a moment. Elwyn watched him closely; aware of what the vampire was doing with out asking, or investigating with his powers.

Suddenly Donovan's face registered pure shock, and then flickered between horror, revulsion and confusion. He all but doubled over, as if punched. Elwyn jumped to his feet and stepped towards his friend.

"Are you ok!?" He asked in concern.

Donovan made a small whimpering sound then shuddered. He looked a little green as he spoke. "Dear God I feel unclean…."

"What happened?" Elwyn asked; his tone less concerned and more demanding.

"I think I'm going to be sick." Donovan started to stumble towards the bathroom, his body trembling.

"What the hell happened?!" Elwyn snapped, trailing after him.

"They were having sex! I felt it! From Rave!" Donovan all but shouted his voice thick with abhorrence.

Elwyn stared in shock then began to laugh uncontrollably. Between peels of laughter he said: "What's wrong? Aren't you secure in your masculinity!?"

"Shut the hell up!" The vampire snarled, slumping against the wall his eyes squeezed shut. "How do you think you'd feel if you were in her mind while she was having sex!? With John!"

Elwyn was still laughing and half giggling giddily. "I'm not so stupid as to dip into people's minds willy-nilly. I at least find out what they are doing before I take the plunge."

"Don't say that…" Donovan groaned.

"Say what?" He asked, all but batting his eyes innocently.

"If you couldn't crush me with a thought I would throttle you within an inch of your life." Donovan said threateningly, his amethyst eyes narrowing at the Sidhe.

"It is funny." He protested, still half giggling half chuckling.

"Fuck off." Donovan snapped, pushing off the wall and walking into the bathroom.

"Why should I fuck off when John and Rave are doing it for me?" Elwyn said with evil glee.

"I'm going to take another shower." Donovan grumbled, slamming the door shut.

"Have fun." Elwyn chuckled.


It's a bit brief but I badly need sleep. And odd… very odd… This was for Vickish though :) Hope you enjoyed it.